Recommended Reading

For the Writing 101 Day 19 assignment, I didn't reach out to a buddy to trade guest posts {I'm such a rebel. *gasp*}, so {as the suggested alternative}, I thought I would share some of the great articles I read while I was nominating fellow bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award. From Chorizo & Thyme, I … Continue reading Recommended Reading


Map of My Childhood

Gentilly, New Orleans, LA. - If you ask others who grew up in Gentilly, they'll tell you that it was a truly great place and how blessed we all were to grow up there. Truth. It was a beautiful area, with so many places to go. As far as I'm concerned, there's nowhere in the … Continue reading Map of My Childhood

{Before / After This} Moment

"There are moments which mark your life. Moments you realize that nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts ~ {before this} and {after this}." ~ Unknown I stood beside her bed, looking down at the face of the woman I had the privilege of calling "Mom". Every thought I'd … Continue reading {Before / After This} Moment

A Day In the Life

12:01 am - I need to get some sleep, I thought. A small part of me wondered if sleep was going to happen. My "night-owl self" tried to talk me out of trying. "What's the point? You're only going to lie there in the dark, thinking about how you need to get some sleep. And you … Continue reading A Day In the Life

A Series of Vignettes: Being 15

Because my mother had me at the same age I had my daughter, I find myself comparing the changes in many aspects of our personalities, outlooks, culture and relationships. In doing this assignment for Writing 101, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the differences in being 15 through the ages. … Continue reading A Series of Vignettes: Being 15

50 Words: The Beauty of Nature

I sat on a lone bench, absorbing the spectacular beauty of autumn, nature's process of cleansing, letting go without question. The time for reflective stillness was necessary; heeding nature's reminders that change happens, whether I'm ready...or not. Whether those changes bring joy or lessons, it's win-win. Thank you, Mother Nature.

When I’m Not Writing

  When I'm not writing, I'm... thinking about writing. This makes it seem like I'm always writing because, no matter what I'm doing, I am looking for things to write about, even if I'm doing it subconsciously. I do take breaks from all things writing sometimes, honest! watching TV or a movie with my kids. My … Continue reading When I’m Not Writing

Virtually Caffeinated Chat

If we were having coffee right now...I would tell you about my upcoming radio interview {gosh, that sounds so surreal!} in which I'll be asked about my time in the U.K., how I've handled grieving for my mom, what I've done to settle back home, and my work with Café Sanctuary. I would tell you … Continue reading Virtually Caffeinated Chat

Day 9: Letter to My Kiddos

For the last couple of days, I tried writing an original letter, but life got a bit complicated. So...I decided to re-post a letter I wrote not too long ago for my other blog, Designing Life. I think it's a very important letter that's worth repeating. Letter to My Kiddos Originally posted on Designing Life, … Continue reading Day 9: Letter to My Kiddos

Stored Memories

A post I read the other day on a blog called James Proclaims was about the memories triggered by rediscovering things stored in an attic. Having experienced that myself recently, I posted a comment that I'd like to expand on for the Day 8 assignment. Thank you, James, for providing material for today's post assignment! 🙂 Weeks after … Continue reading Stored Memories