Remembering the Stories Behind the Memories

Facebook brings back memories through old "On This Day" posts and images; whether or not we like or want them, we get them daily. It's not that I mind those memories; some of them elicit smiles, laughs, and sentimental fondness; others are bittersweet reminders of the past. When I look at this picture, I can't help … Continue reading Remembering the Stories Behind the Memories


Finding Balance {and Warmth} After Loss

ne morning, during Winter 2014, my daughter and I were forced to vacate our warm beds so that we could subject ourselves to the biting cold weather outside. It felt reminiscent of our school journeys while living in the UK, when we spent many a cold morning, shivering at the bus stop. We had to … Continue reading Finding Balance {and Warmth} After Loss

Retroactively Indulgent ‘Sundae’ Chat

or my Retro Sunday series last week, I wrote about a coffee chat with my maternal grandfather. This week {inspired by a post written by a blogger friend, Sandy}, I've decided to write a similar post with my mother; instead of coffee, we would be eating her favorite, hot fudge sundaes. Yesterday would have been … Continue reading Retroactively Indulgent ‘Sundae’ Chat

The Visits

Given that Halloween is in a couple of weeks, I thought this was a good time to share this post and invite you to share yours. If you do, tag your post with wmghosttales My mom's floor lamp sits in the corner of my living room. The lamp that gave her light when she did … Continue reading The Visits

{Before / After This} Moment

"There are moments which mark your life. Moments you realize that nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts ~ {before this} and {after this}." ~ Unknown I stood beside her bed, looking down at the face of the woman I had the privilege of calling "Mom". Every thought I'd … Continue reading {Before / After This} Moment

My Mom, My Hero

In March 2014, I experienced a profoundly life-changing loss. Eight months after my dear mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer (following routine surgery), she lost her battle. Her diagnosis came less than a year after I returned from living in the U.K. for nearly 2 decades. I know that I should be grateful that … Continue reading My Mom, My Hero