Writeful Mind Weekly Event: Feel-Good Friday

Greetings & a warm welcome to Writeful Mind's Feel-Good Friday Event! Feel-Good Friday is all about promoting self-care and "me-time", which we can all use when the stresses of life get to be too much. It's easy to put ourselves last when there are so many demands on our time and energy. This event will not only … Continue reading Writeful Mind Weekly Event: Feel-Good Friday


Facebook Presence

When I created Writeful Mind for the WordPress Blogging 101 course in July, I never imagined it would be a blog anyone took seriously. I guess I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the course. This blog was supposed to be a "test" blog, just for the assignments but as the … Continue reading Facebook Presence

Three Goals

The following goals are out of a desire to connect with my followers, establish more regular writing habits and challenge myself even when my muse isn't cooperating. Create and send out a regular newsletter to my blog followers by 31 October 2015. Complete a "21-day" writing challenge to form a habit of posting new content on … Continue reading Three Goals

Café Blog

As posted in The Commons, I enjoyed the Blogging 101 course so much that I thought of a way for our continued interaction and support ~ a Facebook group! We can share links to our blog posts, ask for help with WordPress, or just provide feedback on each other's blogs, posts, etc. This group is not … Continue reading Café Blog