Collaboration: Tea with Noémie

A couple of years ago, Noémie {my fellow blogger-turned-friend} and I did some "virtual coffee" posts so that we could learn more about each other and share our "conversation" with our readers. It started off with this post on her blog, in which she shared bits of her life with me and asked me questions … Continue reading Collaboration: Tea with Noémie


Retroactively Indulgent ‘Sundae’ Chat

or my Retro Sunday series last week, I wrote about a coffee chat with my maternal grandfather. This week {inspired by a post written by a blogger friend, Sandy}, I've decided to write a similar post with my mother; instead of coffee, we would be eating her favorite, hot fudge sundaes. Yesterday would have been … Continue reading Retroactively Indulgent ‘Sundae’ Chat

Retroactively Caffeinated Chat

his week's retro post has the elements of my Retro Sunday and Virtually Caffeinated Chat series. Combine the two and we get a twist on both. For a while now, I've had a recurring idea about a chat with someone who passed away long ago, when life was very different. Initially, the idea was to … Continue reading Retroactively Caffeinated Chat

Collaboration: A Drink in the Pub with Noémie

This virtual chat takes us from the café last week to a pub. For those of you just joining us, Noémie and I do regular virtual chat posts as a collaboration on our blogs. We ask / respond to {each other's} questions, sharing bits of our lives with each other and our readers; so far we've discovered … Continue reading Collaboration: A Drink in the Pub with Noémie

Collaboration: Coffee With Noémie

A little over a month ago, I connected with Noémie a fellow blogger whose blog is called ::FocalHeart:: and through a conversation taking place entirely through the comments on one of my posts, we came up with the idea of collaborating on a "virtual coffee chat" post. She started by posting things she would tell me/ask me about … Continue reading Collaboration: Coffee With Noémie

Virtually Caffeinated Chat ~ Take II

For our Writing 101 Day 16 assignment, we had to search our stats for a post idea. Looking through my stats, I found that one of my most recent posts ~ Virtually Caffeinated Chat  ~ received a lot of positive comments. So, I thought I would do another one. What I found most touching was … Continue reading Virtually Caffeinated Chat ~ Take II

Virtually Caffeinated Chat

If we were having coffee right now...I would tell you about my upcoming radio interview {gosh, that sounds so surreal!} in which I'll be asked about my time in the U.K., how I've handled grieving for my mom, what I've done to settle back home, and my work with Café Sanctuary. I would tell you … Continue reading Virtually Caffeinated Chat