Dear {Everyone Nursing a Broken Spirit}…

his letter is for you. It’s written with infinite love and genuine understanding because I want you to know how special you are. I mean really special. I have been at near rock bottom. My spirit was broken, like yours may be right now as you’re reading this. I’ve seen people I love with broken … Continue reading Dear {Everyone Nursing a Broken Spirit}…


Day 9: Letter to My Kiddos

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For the last couple of days, I tried writing an original letter, but life got a bit complicated. So...I decided to re-post a letter I wrote not too long ago for my other blog, Designing Life. I think it's a very important letter that's worth repeating. Letter to My Kiddos Originally posted on Designing Life, … Continue reading Day 9: Letter to My Kiddos


Dear Momma, Sometimes I forget. Absent-mindedly, I reach for my phone to dial the number...and then, I'll catch myself. My eyes close, I shake my head, remembering. It still doesn't seem real. Sometimes, just when I think I'm doing okay, I'll find something that makes me tear up ~ the birthday card you gave me … Continue reading Legacy