Writeful Mind, One Year Later

Happy 1st Birthday to Writeful Mind!  The blog's "official" birthday was 5 July, so I'm just a smidgen late in writing this. We have a lot to celebrate at the moment, too! Not only is Writeful Mind a year old but, also, our new granddaughter is due to arrive any day now! Exciting times for our … Continue reading Writeful Mind, One Year Later


How We Made a Perfect Fit

Several posts ago, I wrote about "a life less solitary" followed by vague updates about what's happened since. There's so much to say about my time in Pennsylvania, the road trip, and how our lives have changed since we've been back home...but I still lack the time and energy to type it all out so … Continue reading How We Made a Perfect Fit

The Importance of *Real* Calm

Three years ago, I started a new life. I returned to a place not too far from where I was born, happy to be home. For many years, I lived abroad, far removed from everything that was familiar. My life across the pond wasn't exactly peaceful, so I moved back with hopes of finding much-needed serenity. … Continue reading The Importance of *Real* Calm

Things I Love About Old-Fashioned Romance

At his feet, there were a pile of open plastic shells and trinkets he deemed "unsuitable". With only five nickels left, his heart raced. Only five more tries. He pushed the coin into the slot, then twisted and got...nothing, nothing, nothing...until the fourth try. When he saw what was in the fourth plastic shell, his … Continue reading Things I Love About Old-Fashioned Romance

Back Pain: What I Did For Self-Care

tarting about a week and a half ago, I suffered the worst back pain I'd ever experienced. I had to be conscious of how I moved, slept, etc. I know a few people with chronic back pain and, frankly, I can't even imagine how they cope with it on a daily basis. I don't even … Continue reading Back Pain: What I Did For Self-Care

Reblog: Self-Care Strategies When the Kids Get Sick

{Note: This wonderful Feel-Good Friday post was written by Megan, and originally published on her blog, Striving For Growth, on Friday, 8 January 2016. I am only re-blogging it here so that it can appear in the Reader under the #writefulmindfgf tag and do not take credit for writing this article.} For a great Feel-Good Friday event post, … Continue reading Reblog: Self-Care Strategies When the Kids Get Sick

Why You Need A Fitness Tracker For Self-Care

First, I would just like to say that I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that it was your reason for your "Feel-Good Friday" last week. Ours was a good Christmas, albeit a bit quiet; it was reminiscent of our Christmases back in the U.K. when there was an ocean between my family and … Continue reading Why You Need A Fitness Tracker For Self-Care

How to Turn 51 Gracefully

've never been one of those people who absolutely dreads their birthday. I was married to a man who saw every birthday as a curse and I always wondered why; doesn't it beat the alternative?" "Birthdays are good for your health. Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live the longest." ~ Unknown … Continue reading How to Turn 51 Gracefully

Achievement Unlocked: 101 Followers!

When I created Writeful Mind, I never dreamed I would have 101 followers in 5 months. None of my other blogs has experienced such growth in a short time. The WordPress courses not only taught me about the features of this site but also connected me with some really awesome people I feel blessed to call my … Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: 101 Followers!

5 Things That’ll Make You Feel Pampered

I've tried other brands {including the generic versions of this product done by Wal-Mart and Target} and find that not many last as long as this body wash. If you have a shower puff, a little dollop goes a long way and it smells fabulous while softening my skin. I have used Oil of Olay … Continue reading 5 Things That’ll Make You Feel Pampered