Writeful Mind, One Year Later

Happy 1st Birthday to Writeful Mind!  The blog's "official" birthday was 5 July, so I'm just a smidgen late in writing this. We have a lot to celebrate at the moment, too! Not only is Writeful Mind a year old but, also, our new granddaughter is due to arrive any day now! Exciting times for our … Continue reading Writeful Mind, One Year Later


How We Made a Perfect Fit

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Several posts ago, I wrote about "a life less solitary" followed by vague updates about what's happened since. There's so much to say about my time in Pennsylvania, the road trip, and how our lives have changed since we've been back home...but I still lack the time and energy to type it all out so … Continue reading How We Made a Perfect Fit

Reblog: Self-Care Strategies When the Kids Get Sick

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{Note: This wonderful Feel-Good Friday post was written by Megan, and originally published on her blog, Striving For Growth, on Friday, 8 January 2016. I am only re-blogging it here so that it can appear in the Reader under the #writefulmindfgf tag and do not take credit for writing this article.} For a great Feel-Good Friday event post, … Continue reading Reblog: Self-Care Strategies When the Kids Get Sick