Writeful Mind, One Year Later

Happy 1st Birthday to Writeful Mind!  The blog's "official" birthday was 5 July, so I'm just a smidgen late in writing this. We have a lot to celebrate at the moment, too! Not only is Writeful Mind a year old but, also, our new granddaughter is due to arrive any day now! Exciting times for our … Continue reading Writeful Mind, One Year Later


Reblog: Self-Care Strategies When the Kids Get Sick

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{Note: This wonderful Feel-Good Friday post was written by Megan, and originally published on her blog, Striving For Growth, on Friday, 8 January 2016. I am only re-blogging it here so that it can appear in the Reader under the #writefulmindfgf tag and do not take credit for writing this article.} For a great Feel-Good Friday event post, … Continue reading Reblog: Self-Care Strategies When the Kids Get Sick