The Importance Of Unwavering Faith

n a recent trip to the French Quarter, Chris and I had the chance to visit St. Louis Cathedral. I'd been there several times during my life but, this time, I saw it through different eyes. My faith is now stronger than ever before; stronger, because it has evolved into something far more meaningful. I … Continue reading The Importance Of Unwavering Faith


How Motherhood Changes Us

unny how we, as first-time moms, hear story after story about how profoundly a baby will change our lives. We listen to the experiences of other "well-meaning" women describing the ups and downs of motherhood but we never truly know what they mean until we're in the midst of the chaos that follows giving birth. … Continue reading How Motherhood Changes Us

The Library: One Place, Many Portals

When I was only a little girl, who had just learned to read, my mom took me to the library and enrolled me in the Summer Reading Club. She had always been an avid reader and, of course, I wanted to be just like her. Eventually, I would learn why she loved reading so much … Continue reading The Library: One Place, Many Portals

The Joy of Thunderstorms

When I was little, I was afraid of the noise that thunder made. I would put my fingers in my ears to block it out until it was over. Funny how something that caused me such distress as a child is now something I enjoy...simply because I'm an introvert. Thunderstorms are ideal introvert weather. It's … Continue reading The Joy of Thunderstorms

A Different Sort of Path

When I take WordPress courses, I like to think about the assignments a little and approach from a different angle. The theme for the Day 2 was "Street", so I opted for a different sort of path. When I took this picture, I was sitting on a plane headed for Atlanta {eventually winding up in … Continue reading A Different Sort of Path

The True Meaning Of {Home}

Chris and I recently took a drive through our childhood neighborhoods. The houses we lived in growing up were all still standing; sadly, there were many houses and businesses that didn't survive the aftermath of Katrina. While most of our old houses were as we remembered them, my first house was hardly recognizable. Missing was … Continue reading The True Meaning Of {Home}