Rewards For Blogging

Some of you may notice that I'm posting from a new blog, Illusory Calm, which brings my WordPress blog total to 5. Now, I needed another blog like I need  another pretty journal {those who know me know I can't resist pretty journals!}, but this blog site, BlogJob, is different. It rewards for posting, adding … Continue reading Rewards For Blogging


Café Blog

As posted in The Commons, I enjoyed the Blogging 101 course so much that I thought of a way for our continued interaction and support ~ a Facebook group! We can share links to our blog posts, ask for help with WordPress, or just provide feedback on each other's blogs, posts, etc. This group is not … Continue reading Café Blog

Head Vs. Heart

A comment I made yesterday on this thoughtful post by one of my fellow bloggers ~ patternsofsouldevelopment ~  is the inspiration for today's Blogging 101 assignment. Her post is about the benefits of combining left brain / right brain thinking. My comment: "I have just recently decided to completely embrace my love of writing and make it my career. … Continue reading Head Vs. Heart