Liebster Award

This was the first award any of my blogs has ever won and I am proud!

Three of my fellow bloggers have twice-nominated Writeful Mind for the Liebster Award, as a way to promote and get to know fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers. The rules of acceptance include writing a post stating the rules, linking back to the nominator’s blog, answering the questions included in their acceptance post, nominating other bloggers and asking them questions for their acceptance post. You can read my acceptance post{s} by clicking on either award graphic below.

Liebster AwardLiebster Award Image

 The Blogger Recognition Award

This award is a way in which bloggers can highlight blogs they believe that others will enjoy reading. The acceptance post includes a thanks/link back to the blog/blogger who nominated, a short explanation of how the blog got started, advice to new bloggers and a list of 15 nominees.

If you’d like to read my acceptance post, you can do so by clicking the graphic below.

Blogger Recognition Award image



The Room 101 Award

This award was a new one I’d never heard of, but fun to do. Anyone who’s read 1984 by George Orwell knows that Room 101 is the torture room in the book. {Note: The actual room it’s based on isn’t as sinister as it sounds ~ Mr. Orwell named it after a room, in the Broadcast House, where tedious meetings took place.} The rules of acceptance require its recipients to list 5 things they’d banish to Room 101. I found it hard to narrow down my list, but I did {after much deliberation!}.

If you’d like to read my acceptance post, please click the graphic below.

Room 101 Award image