Author Notes

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Carol, Author of Writeful Mind

Who I Am

I am a mum of 2 awesome kiddos {who have grown up in seemingly no time at all} and a first-time grandma to a beautiful girl, who reminds me so much of my daughter as a baby. My role as a mum has changed, now that I’ve stepped into the background to be more of a “quiet supporter”.

I’m also a native New Orleanian who has spent many years away from home. Since our return {in Summer 2012} from 16 years of living in the U.K., we’ve been readjusting to life back home, dealing with unexpected grief, healing from things in our past, and taking things a day at a time. Nearly a year and a half ago, my high school sweetheart and I reconnected on Facebook. He moved back home after having lived away {Maryland, D.C., and Pennsylvania} for many years and we feel blessed that we’ve been given a second chance. He has blended very well into my family and just in time to experience the joys of grandparenthood!

What I Do

  • I’m a write-aholic. When I’m writing, I’m in my element. When I’m not, I’m constantly thinking about what to write about. It’s my passion and it’s what I want to do with my life. My writing methods are old-fashioned; I love the feeling of pen on paper, just like I did when I started writing at 12. Most of the “creation” part of the writing I do is in my notebook at a café, recording my ideas to transcribe later. For me, transcribing and re-writing happens at the same time and is just as enjoyable as the creation process.
  • I’m co-owner of Fleur de Cee, a business Chris and I launched that includes an online retail store, photography/writing book project, blog, business/product/restaurant reviews, and environmental maintenance consultant for local businesses.
  • I’m co-owner of an outreach program for abused women, regardless of where {in the U.S.} they live and I’m currently co-writing a book about all aspects of abuse. As an abuse survivor, I’m a strong advocate for the empowerment of those who endure abuse; I feel that my understanding and experience enhance the sort of support people in such situations need.
  • I am a Life Coach for those who are starting over post-divorce, fleeing abuse, loss, relocation. Having been through those experiences, I know I can help others by sharing my positive attitude and sharing how I handled the challenges. My blog, Designing Life, is where I post inspirational articles and post important information about sessions.

Where to Find Me

When I’m not at home, spending time with my kiddos, I venture out to some of my favorite places:

P.J.’s Coffee ~ Where I meet friends for a chat over coffee, spend time with my daughter on Sundays and do the bulk of my writing. I like everything about this café: its generally quiet ambiance doesn’t interfere with my concentration; the baristas know me and make flavor recommendations when I ask;  it’s a local business, which I’d rather support over corporate chains.

Church Meditation Garden~ Whenever I need to connect with God and light candles/pray, I go to my local church which has an Adoration Chapel and lovely garden with benches. The candles are housed in a separate building within the Meditation Garden. After I light candles, I sit on one of the benches for a while and appreciate being surrounded by nature while I pray. It’s really beautiful there and I always leave feeling wonderfully blessed and comforted.

The Local Library ~ The third of the three places I always look for when I move to a new town. As long as I know where there’s a café, church, and library, I’m good to go. I have been a member of the library since I was 5. My mom loved borrowing books and she took me from the time I was able to read. We always walked out with a stack of books and we always finished them all by our next trip. I owe my love of reading to my mom.

The Local Park ~ We’re lucky enough to have a really nice park. I don’t get there too much during the summer, for obvious reasons, but when it’s a bit cooler {from September’ish}, I’m there! It’s another place where I like to write or just sit and enjoy the view/people watch. They give free concerts in the Spring and Autumn, which is pretty cool, too. What’s not to love?

If you would like to know more about Café Sanctuary and/or its Outreach Program, I invite you to check out the website. Also, you can visit the Fleur de Cee blog.  If you’re interested in connecting with me on other social media, please click on the various links I’ve included or visit my page on About.Me. I always love meeting new friends…especially fellow bloggers/writers! ♥

Thank you for reading!



19 thoughts on “Author Notes

    1. Wow, thank you! 🙂 I appreciate your feedback.

      It took me a while to get everything placed properly, but the lines helped space everything out a bit better.

      Kindest Regards,


    1. Thank you for your feedback!

      The horizontal line is on your editing toolbar (in the visual window) between “blockquote” and “left align” options. 🙂

      I had a look at your blog and saw that you’re an ex-pat. So was I! I’m originally from New Orleans, lived in Leeds for 16 years and came back to America in August 2012. How cool that we both “washed up” on American shores in the same year.

      I would *love* to hear more of your take on life in America. Please stay in touch!

      Kindest Regards,

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  1. @writefulmind I would like to nominate Carol’s blog Writeful Mind – Assembling a jumble of ideas into meaningful articles for the Blogger Recognition Award. The latest A Day in the Life post was great, especially the numerous self’s that tugged and pulled throughout the day. As a mother and aspiring writer, I love Carol’s concept of going to a café to drink iced coffee to write (by hand, with pen and paper) then transcribes to the blogosphere afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you SO much, Samantha! I am honored that you nominated me and it means a lot to me that you enjoyed my post so much. We never know how our posts will effect our readers but you have given me such a boost when it comes to my writing.

      I will post my acceptance as soon as I can.

      {Big hugs!}

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks, Maria. I think my experiences have a lot to do with my desire to help others. The abuse was an awful thing to endure, but I realized my purpose because of it.

      I always want to turn negatives into positives whenever I can.

      Thank you for stopping by. I always like hearing from you. 🙂 {hugs}

      Liked by 1 person

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