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My name is Carol and I am a single mother in my late 40’s. When I started writing, at the age of 12, I wanted to be a novelist. I had visions of being on the bestseller list, doing book tours and seeing my books in every bookstore, globally. That was my dream for a long time, before I understood the reality of life in the limelight. Back then, it was solely about the recognition of my writing skills…and not much else.

Fast forward 36 years ~ my writing goals have changed. My experiences and maturity changed my overall mission and I have come to realize several things: 1. Fame and fortune are not what I want; 2. Writing a novel no longer appeals to me because I’m not writing about what I know; 3. I prefer writing articles which serve to inspire; 4. Helping people is far more important and rewarding than writing for personal gain. I am convinced that it is my purpose in life to help others in any way I can.

I am originally from New Orleans but I moved away from the city when I was 24. For 16 years, I lived in the UK and raised 2 children there  ~ a son, who’s nearly 21, and a daughter, 14. It’s taken a long time to return home; I had many difficult obstacles to overcome, but now that we’re back, we face different challenges. I am a positive person who never sees anything as a “problem” or “trouble”. Challenges are merely learning experiences.

I am single-handedly raising my daughter, who has been through a lot in her very young life. The last 16 years have not been easy; I eventually escaped a domestic violence situation and endured a 3-year legal battle, which led to a divorce. He suddenly passed away nearly a year later and left me to undo the damage inflicted upon her, as a result of total permissiveness and lack of boundaries while she was in his care.

This blog is for sharing our journey, in the hopes that our stories will strike a chord with those who read them. I want to open a dialogue amongst parents because I firmly believe in building a vast support network for sharing advice, ideas, opinions and strategies to make our parental roles a little less daunting  Pooling our resources gives us more options to try until we find the one that works. I do hope this blog eventually becomes a rich resource of information for parents to reference when needed and I invite you to share your own strategies.

If you have any questions/comments about me or anything you read in this blog, you can use the form provided.


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