Life: The Most Important Classroom Of All

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Life’s lessons are forever etched on our beautiful souls.

When I was still in my abusive marriage, I realized my purpose ~ quite simply, to be relatable through my writing.

A retrospective look at my 52 years on Earth has clarified that I am here to help other people by sharing ideas, experiences, and insight through my writing. I believe, with all my heart, that I’m an empathic introvert because I was meant to feel what others feel and articulate those feelings to the best of my ability. I believe that our education spans multiple lifetimes, as well as dimensions; we are here to learn as much as possible in our physical and spiritual forms.

I am an “old soul” and I  believe that “old souls” been around forever, having traveled a series of physical journeys. Old souls are inherently tired, but they don’t necessarily opt for easy journeys. In a previous post, I wrote a dialogue outlining my pre-physical particle plan conversation with God, as I imagined it. I envisioned that it was my soul who chose the purpose my journey after God listened and lent some guidance; He administered a few gentle warnings before he told me that I would be okay.

Chris and I have discussed this at length on several occasions. He believes that a soul’s physical manifestation is based on previous journeys. He also believes that God decides how our souls spend their physical manifestations. For example, he suggested that my soul might have belonged to an abusive person in a previous life and my current experiences with abuse are the resulting lessons. And, in his previous life, he might not have sympathized with sick people and, therefore, had to experience what being sick felt like {hence, having kidney failure}. I suggested that we could both be right. {Or wrong.} Maybe every “new” soul has an “assessment” journey and then, subsequent educational journeys chosen by God.

I think that spiritual people are more adept at identifying who’s old and who’s new. We have all seen children who “seem” wise beyond their years, able to play complex musical pieces, create artistic masterpieces, or even just show an advanced understanding of things. Mozart composed music at 4 or 5 and, although we tend to think of such children as “gifted”, I’m convinced that it’s because of what our souls retain from previous journeys. Conversely, I’ve known people chronologically older but lack the maturity, wisdom, and/or common sense that comes with experience. Is it because they have “new” souls that are still learning? Or are their souls “resistant” to the lessons of each physical journey?

I believe that, when our souls are paired with and inhabit our bodies, all the wisdom from previous journeys is there to draw from…but we must be open to it. We’ve all been in situations where we feel like we’ve known someone “forever” after only a brief time. The mutual understanding is undeniable and unlike what we have with the other people in our lives. Is it because older souls stay connected, regardless of their physical identities in subsequent lives? Are our life events meant to lead us to the crossed paths we sentimentally refer to as “fate”? Further, is intuition stronger for people with old souls?

I also believe that, just as our physical world is a society with a human-defined, evolutionary system, there is also a spiritual society {with a more advanced, higher intelligence} that has its own separate ruling system, classes, and roles headed by God. Of course, we’re not supposed to know anything about the spiritual world, other than the glimpses we get from those who have “crossed over” during medical procedures. Whether or not one believes in the spiritual world is purely up to the individual. I believe because of those who have shared their experiences. I believe because I feel comforted when I pray. I believe because everything in nature is so intricately, brilliantly designed. I believe because “love” had to come from a greater being. Although we can’t fully, accurately speculate, we can ~ and should ~ recognize the value of spirituality, help others, and spread the messages of good against the forces of evil.

If you’re skeptical about any points I’ve made in this post, I totally respect that; I write posts like this to give my readers a different perspective and {hopefully} offer ideas that may not have been considered before. Even if my readers concluded that there’s little or no basis, I would like to think that, at the very least, I’ve given you pause for thought.

God Bless You.



2 thoughts on “Life: The Most Important Classroom Of All

  1. What I’ve learned from various sources that when reborn back to the physical world here is no retention of what was planned. Do we ever follow that plane? Now that is the question. Yet, there is hope one can look into their past lives using techniques such as “past live regression” hypnotherapy. Then there is accessing the higher self through meditation and energy work……
    There is a concept of the soul of an abuser following the one who he abused forming some sort of attachment. Interfering in the life of that person. One should seek to cleanse themselves and get rid of spirits that have attached themselves. Raise your vibrations…..

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    1. I think it depends on the soul/individual and whether they’re open to accepting their spirituality. We can’t fully access our soul’s pasts, but I do believe that there are some vague residual memories left in place and that, if we pay attention, we can recognize specific signs or strong feelings for what they are.

      Years ago, I asked God why I had to endure the abuse and eventually realized that I’d been given tools for educating others ~ my writing and first-hand experience. We always have choices and I could easily have chosen to ignore my purpose. In retrospect, my journey has led me down this path but if my parents had decided to not send me to a Catholic school, I’m certain I would not be as open to the concept of spirituality.

      An interesting question to consider: how much of what we’re discussing is pure speculation and how much is our awareness of those inherent, residual memories? 😉


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