A / Z of Introvertedness

A – Alone, but not necessarily lonely
B – Bashful in large groups
C – Crowds avoided
D – Deep thinker
E – Escapist when energy levels deplete
F – Fast draining energy levels
G – Guarded around unfamiliar people/circumstances
H – Homebody {and we LIKE it}
I – Intimate social circles only
J – Judicious
K – Keep the drama out
L – {good} Listener
M – Mindful of everything we say
N – Never ever bored
O – One-to-one conversation
P – Passionate {and talkative} about what we love
Q – Quietly observant
R – Read, read, read
S – Sociable, but in small groups
T – Torn by social invitations {we really want to as much as we really don’t}
U – Unwilling phone conversationalist
V – Very misunderstood by extroverts
W – Withdrawn when necessary
X – Easily eXhausted
Y – Yielding to the conversation {by letting others talk}
Z – Zen-like without drama, crowds, noise

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