When Relationships Change

You don’t have to be my friend…whether you’ve known me for 51 years or 5 minutes.

You don’t have to care about {what happens to} me or my family.

You don’t have to respect my thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, philosophy, qualities or background.

You don’t have to have consideration or regard for how I got to be the person I am today; my journey doesn’t have to be meaningful to you.

You don’t have to keep the memories we have created together in your heart or mind.

You don’t have to think about me in any capacity when we’re not together.

You don’t have to feel sad or angry when we disagree or argue.

You don’t have to love me despite my faults or flaws.

You don’t have to listen to me when I need a shoulder to cry on or some other such support.

You don’t have to show me sympathy when I’ve experienced loss or adversity.

You don’t have to laugh at my goofy jokes or when you remember something I’ve said.

You don’t have to celebrate my triumphs, occasions or achievements.

You don’t have to be grateful for all the times I was there for you when you needed me.

You don’t have to appreciate the history or common interests we have.

You don’t have to respect confidences between us.

That’s the reality of any relationship you have ~ if, at any point, you cease doing any or all of the above, you can and must move on for the sake of everyone involved. While you’re not obligated to carry on pretending, I would much rather mourn the loss of a friend than to continue believing in something that has ceased to be genuine.


3 thoughts on “When Relationships Change

    1. I’m so sorry. {hugs}

      This post was inspired by the friends I’ve “lost” due to their lack of respect for my beliefs {despite having known me for almost 40 years}. They won’t sever ties completely, but they won’t talk to me either.

      It’s time for us to move on.

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  1. Thank you. I can relate, but a backwards sort of way. I put all my eggs in a basket when I want or care for a person. It smothers them and it blows up in my face. Thanks for the the hugs. Back at you with what you’re dealing with

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