Discover a Better Way Toward Fitness ~ Group Challenges


*Cue horror screams and music*

I know! I know! I know that the mere mention of that word probably elicits a groan or an eye roll. I experience the daily struggle with “Yes, I MUST work out today” and my whinier “petulant child-like” self defiantly declaring, “But I don’t feeeeeeeeeeeel like it, dammit!” *Stomp, Fold Arms, Pout* Seriously, though…we all have our days when, no matter how good our intentions are, the body just…doesn’t…want…to…cooperate…ugh. Even after working out religiously for however long it takes before the inner voice of discouragement to kick in, it’s difficult to stick with regular workouts. Stay with me, my friend. I really do understand.

Just over a month ago, a dear friend of mine posted that she was doing a “30-day Plank Challenge” and invited her Facebook friends to join her. The challenge started out with only 10 seconds of holding the plank position and, over the course of 30 days, increasing the time to 4 minutes. Since I’d done the plank on many occasions over the years, my record time being a minute, I read her post and thought, “Challenge accepted.” I drew a little calendar so I could keep track of the days/times and posted my intention to accept the challenge.

Accountability is a huge part of sticking to something life-changing and it works well for me. I posted my results on Facebook every day. Doing such challenges as a group is an awesome way to keep each other motivated to continue. It was so inspiring that we decided to continue with other challenges when we finished the first one and create a Facebook Page so that we could invite others to join us on future challenges. We’re really excited about the challenges being a regular monthly thing so that we can eventually achieve total fitness.

If you’re interested in joining our challenges, we invite you to our FB page, Your Best Self. Our Mission is to support your journey in becoming your fittest, healthiest, happiest version of you!

Hope to see you there!

❤ & ☮

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