What We’re Doing For Café Sanctuary’s Purple Challenge

Due to October being National Abuse Awareness Month, I wanted to spread the word about what we’re doing for Café Sanctuary for the rest of October. I do hope the readers of Writeful Mind help out by sharing the details of this challenge, as well as participating in the challenge itself. We want to encourage others to share their stories and show their support for abuse victims and survivors.

I have done 2 posts and plan to post more before the end of the month, in the hopes that it will catch on. To take part in the challenge, we’re asking everyone to post pictures of themselves wearing something purple in their blogs, on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Shared stories about surviving abuse are welcomed, too. When you post your pictures and blog posts, please tag them with #cafesanctuarypurplechallenge so that we can see them all across social media. Be as creative as you can. We want to raise awareness and educate everyone about all aspects of abuse. We want everyone to be able to spot red flags and recognize even the subtlest forms of abuse. We want everyone to know that the absence of bruises and other signs of physical abuse does not mean that abuse is not happening.

If you’re interested in reading my first blog posts in this challenge, click on the links: Our Purple Challenge: How To Raise Awareness About Domestic Violence and What You Should Know About Avoiding An Abusive Relationship. I’m planning more posts across social media, so watch this space.

Thank you very much for reading and, hopefully, participating.

❤ & ☮


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