Compassion. Tolerance. Peace. Joy. Please.

Rarely do I ever want to willingly talk politics, whether in person or via social media. For me to do such a post is virtually unheard of because I can’t stand that “political debate” has devolved into heated discussions peppered with hatred and name calling. This is not about siding with Liberals or Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, Left or Right Wingists. Before I go on, let me clarify that I am politically NEUTRAL. It’s the non-conformist in me that refuses to be defined by the beliefs of any one political party. Most people, even some of my closest friends don’t know my stance on politics {other than knowing that I hate talking about politics} because I’m very private about my views. I’m registered as an “Independent” and I’m good with that.

So to continue with my post, I want us to leave politics out of it for a minute and focus on what we agree on, regardless of our political leanings:

1. We want the freedom to express our opinions and beliefs without persecution or judgment. Acceptance.
2. We want a safe environment for ourselves and our future generations. We want to band together and come up with effective solutions so that we can pass on a healthy planet to our future generations.
3. We want to know that every life matters and that we will all stand up for each other, help and support each other and be able to count on help and support when and if we ever need it. Compassion.
4. We want an effective way to deal with crime so that we feel safe when we’re out in public. Justice.
5. We want peace, as “cliché” as it may sound.
6. We want to truly enjoy the limited time we have on Earth.
7. We want to feel healthy and free from stress so that we can have a good quality of life while we’re here.
8. We want what’s best for us, our neighbors, our country, our world because everything we do ultimately affects everyone.

The list goes on, but you get the picture.

We have the power to change what’s happening. We don’t have to wait for “someone else” to “do something” to improve how we live. WE are the ones who can affect change. And we must or things will only continue to get worse. We must find a way to agree on effective solutions for the problems we face…compromise and learn to listen to differing points of view. Stop trying to be right or win. Progress never happens when everyone’s shouting that their way is the “only” way. While we’re all fighting, we’re continuing along a destructive path. We need to stop trying to massage our egos and come up with A SOLUTION for the greater good of our Planet. Do I believe it will happen? Sadly, no, but I still feel the need to put the post “out there”. If you agree with me, awesome. If you don’t, I respect that, too.

Remember, we really are all on the same side.

❤ & ☮


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