Nature: The Best Method Of Escapism

Tree scenery image
Tranquil beauty

Escapism is very important to me.

Throughout my life, I have resorted to things like daydreaming, reading, writing, and, later on, video games to escape the various realities I’ve endured. We all have our methods. Although it’s no longer necessary to escape from things happening in my life, we should all get away from the daily chaos happening in our world. The amount of information we must process is overwhelming, to say the least, and I believe it’s why we’re all so emotionally exhausted and sleep-deprived.

There’s so much beauty in the world and it’s often overlooked because we’re “too busy” to notice. Or our eyes are glued to our phones, so we don’t truly see what’s going on around us. What an awesome way to pass the time ~ sitting somewhere quiet, surrounded by the beauty of nature and absorb the smallest details of our world. Being still allows us to remove ourselves from the daily stresses and engage the physiological benefits associated with doing so; the happier we are, the better our bodies function.

How long has it been since you’ve had a bit of escapism?

Why not now?

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”                                                                             ~ Rachel Carson

9 thoughts on “Nature: The Best Method Of Escapism

  1. I try to find escapism fairly regularly. It might be in the pages of a book, or in a photograph I take. It might be in a song I am listening too (being a folkie lends itself to some really great story telling songs). Usually when I sit on our balcony and look out, what used to be called day dreaming for me is actually more escapism. Even in a city environment there is much to look at around me and I treasure those times when I can do that. Sometimes it is a combination of all of these elements. The best moments though are when I completely remove myself from the city and get out to nature (and shut the phone off) I really decompress and get back to ‘my core’ which feels great. Interesting observation my friend!

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    1. Although I don’t live in a big city, I still feel like the complex I live in is “too busy”. Anyone who knows me knows that I would much rather live in a picturesque neighborhood where the houses have some “breathing space”. One day! 🙂

      As always, I appreciate your support of my writing/blogging. Thank you! 🙂

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      1. I feel the same way. Im just happy we are now in a place with sunlight and a breeze. Its also surprisingly quiet most of the time but I’d like the same thing 😄


    1. Sometimes I have trouble staying focused…and on days when I procrastinate, I rarely get anything done. I’ve learned to accept when this happens, although when it comes to my writing, I stress when I can’t seem to get a post out. :/

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll continue to visit. 🙂


    1. Thank you for dropping by. So glad to hear from a new friend. I have followed your blog and look forward to reading more of you in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll continue to visit. 🙂


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