Connect: Then & Now

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The connection that changed our lives

Our story began before the age of the Internet, social media, and smartphones. It was the classic example of our eyes meeting across a room; he smiled, I smiled back.

Our connection strengthened a few days later during a few moments of nurturing and that’s all it took to make a lasting impression ~ he felt safe with me during a moment of vulnerability, which I found deeply touching. Even though we drifted apart after a brief whirlwind romance, we still managed to build a foundation that would allow us to pick up where we left off…35 years later. Despite the time that’s passed since our teenage romance, we have endured similar experiences which have allowed us a better understanding of how those experiences have shaped us. It certainly doesn’t feel like we were apart for over 3 decades.

Our physical reunion {after 3 months of only phone/virtual communication through Facebook/text message and Facetime video calls} has been wonderful, albeit some health issues we’ve had to deal with over the past few weeks. The circumstances have been somewhat reminiscent of the day we first connected at 16, when he was vulnerable and I nurtured him. That familiarity has only reinforced the connection we have now.

Thank goodness for second chances.


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