And Now For Some Thing{s} Completely Blissful


lthough the pictures I’ve included in today’s post reflect specific people and objects, I wanted to focus more on certain aspects of my life that I find blissful. This post may “read” like the Day 1 assignment ~ what I consider “home” and “bliss” are very similar {for the first time in my life!}. I am incredibly lucky and I thank God every day for who/what He has blessed me with. Without further ado…


Kiddos collage
The Kiddos

Just over 23 years ago, I was blessed with a son, followed by a daughter 6.5 years later. Motherhood has been challenging because I have single-handedly raised my kiddos without much in the way of support. The rollercoaster ride was the bumpiest, twistiest, topsy-turviest, upside-down, stomach-in-your-throat, heart-wrenching ride I’ve ever experienced. Would I change a thing? No. Like most mothers, I agonized and over-thought every decision I made, wondering if it was “for the best” or if it would scar my child for life. How can we possibly even know if we’re making the right choices, if we can’t know the effects of those choices for years to come? Still, we do get those brief windows of recognition and appreciation. When our kiddos show kindness to other people, take their education seriously, read for pleasure, and utter those three little words, “I need money” “I love you”, we feel validated as parents.

My family has grown in such a short time; my daughter’s best friend {who has been very supportive of her and me} is my “bonus kiddo”. Additionally, Chris and I are looking forward to our granddaughter’s arrival in about 4 months. Despite the ups and downs, despite the challenges we face ahead, I feel so blessed to be a mum and look forward to becoming a grandma. Such an exciting year ahead in many aspects!

So does “Motherhood” have the “Bliss-factor”? Absolutely. It just takes a some time {and a lot of patience and understanding!} to achieve. ❤

A Groovy Kind of Love

Roses image
My perfect Valentine’s Day gift, February, 2016. ❤

“I believe in the immeasurable power of love; that true love and endure any circumstance and reach across any distance.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect relationship. Time’s funny like that. Three and a half decades can pass and make you wonder if your person is really out there; just as you’re ready to give up trying, something happens to change your life in a matter of seconds. And that’s how it happened for Chris and me. If you’ve read this previous post, you’ll know the story.

For the last two’ish months, I have {finally} experienced true bliss in a romantic, committed relationship; I’ve never had anything like this before. Not even close. I now understand why it’s never worked with anyone else. We’re perfectly suited for each other because of our age, shared experiences, spirituality, beliefs, history, having a similar mindset on so many things, the same taste in music, sense of humor, interests, understanding of what life is like in New Orleans, mutual goals/dreams and…we’re both empaths. The truth is, I never knew how much of a difference finding a fellow empath would make, but it does. I often wished to find someone who knew and understood my emotional pain enough to not add to it. I never feel guarded in his presence, which is important to me since I spent my life feeling that way in many of my relationships. I love that I can be totally myself with him, even if that means being vulnerable at times. We can talk to each other about anything at all…and that’s a pretty big deal. I can rely on him to always be there for me, no matter what, just as I’m there for him. We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found each other again and we’ve never been happier. ❤

My Caffeinated Muse

P.J.'s Cafe image
My favorite café ~ P.J.’s Coffee of New Orleans

This little local café not too far from my house is a special place for many reasons. I have a gazillion fond memories of the hours I spend at P.J.’s.; whether it’s the monthly coffee meetings I have with my incredible friends or a one-on-one chat with my kiddos, friends {and, as of next week, Chris}, it’s a great place to sit for a while and enjoy a relaxing conversation while sipping the java.

I also immensely enjoy the solo visits I do, with notebook and pen in hand. No matter how bad the writer’s block is, I can always find my muse hiding in this place. And who could blame her for not wanting to leave it? She’s probably intoxicated by the smell of fresh coffee beans being ground for their delicious caffeinated drinks or to sell in their many varieties and flavors by the bag. If it’s not the coffee keeping her there {yeah right!}, it’s gotta be the wonderful selection of muffins, cakes or other pastries temptingly displayed in the cases. My friends keep asking me if I own P.J.’s stock because I spend so much time there. Chris jokingly tells me that we should just get our own franchise. Oh, if I could, I so would.

I really appreciate the comments/feedback left on my posts and I do hope you’ll follow Writeful Mind and continue to visit. I always love meeting new friends and invite you to connect with me on other social media sites.

Until next time…

11 thoughts on “And Now For Some Thing{s} Completely Blissful

  1. This was a great post Carol. I love how this is a process for you and I’m so happy to be along for the ride and to call you my friend. And I’m happy that you are happy :-). You certainly earned it!

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  2. Carol, you continue to warm my heart ❤ Oh! Bliss, such a wonderful thing. *sigh* Treasure it dearly darling. Smile. Just smile. 😀 I do wonder, if some day, we will meet in person? Perhaps in P.J.'s! {chuckles}

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