My Idea of Home

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Home = My Family ❤

I’ve lived in 11 different houses in 6 cities in America and abroad. And I’m still not done moving. For most of my life, I’ve felt unsettled because of safety issues, location, people in {or not in} my proximity, etc. Something has always gotten in the way of my sense of being “at home”…until now.

I’ve come to realize that “home” can mean many things all at once. For me, “home” is in Gentilly, New Orleans because it’s where I’m from and where Chris grew up; we will always love it despite its problems, but it doesn’t mean we can live there. For a while, “home” was in the places where my children were born ~ Hattiesburg, MS, and Leeds {the one across the pond} ~ because regardless of the time spent in each place, family roots were established there.

I lived away from my birthplace for a long time and when I returned, “home” became more of a feeling than a location. I felt content being near my mother again because I’d missed her tangible presence in my life for so long. But then my daughter stayed across the pond, so it wasn’t a feeling of total contentment until she finally joined us a year later. Sadly, the contentment of having all of my family in one place was short-lived; my mother’s Stage IV cancer diagnosis made me feel like someone had pulled the rug from under me. Again. “Home” became an elusive concept due to the fact that the woman who gave me life was fighting for her own. I found it nearly impossible to accept that she would soon be physically absent from my life. Again. How could I face losing the person who’d always made {wherever we lived} feel like “home”?

One of the greatest gifts my mother gave me was love for the written word. She cultivated that love by first teaching me to read and then regularly bringing me to the library to show that reading wasn’t just “for school”. Our Scrabble games expanded my vocabulary and strengthened my spelling {always a good thing for an aspiring writer}. Because of her, I always find and join the local library when I move to a new place because it keeps our connection alive.

“Home” is more than just a feeling or a location. I feel more at home in certain places, such as the library, church or the local café…but it’s more than being where I feel happy or content. Regardless of which continent, country, state, city, neighborhood, house we call “home”, we need that sense of security and love. For me, “home” is wherever I am with Chris, my kiddos, my grand kiddo-to-be, a nearby church, library, café {where I can write}…and Scrabble. ❤

14 thoughts on “My Idea of Home

      1. Yes Carol! But I am in Copenhagen this week and my iPhone has so many photos stored up that it seems I can’t take another picture. Really bad


    1. Thank you, Laura! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a kind comment. I have just followed your blog and look forward to seeing your pictures as the course progresses. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I just followed your blog and had a look at your post. It looks like we’re both book lovers! I do hope you’ll continue to visit and look forward to seeing more of your photos in the coming weeks. {hugs}

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