What I’d Do In Retro New Orleans

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I sometimes wish for the opportunity to go back in time so that I could spend a day or two immersed in the New Orleans I knew as a child. It was a different city back then, in so many aspects. Many of the places we visited and the things we enjoyed are just memories now…or, as we N’Awlins people like to say, “Ain’t Dere No More.”

I miss the spirit of the community I grew up in. I have had the opportunity to reconnect with so many people I knew growing up and we have all enjoyed reminiscing about the good ol’ days and simpler times. We all miss the way it used to be and wish we could travel back for a day or two. Everyone has their own list of what they would want to do, if they had the chance.

Here’s mine. Just one more time, I would like to:

  • Give my Mom, Grandma, and Uncles big hugs and tell them how much I love and miss them.
  • Go back to when my maternal grandfather was still alive and get to know him.
  • Get all dressed up and take the Franklin Avenue bus downtown to shop at Maison Blanche, D.H. Holmes, Krauss, and all the other great stores before eating lunch at Walgreens cafeteria (sitting at the booth by the big window overlooking Canal Street, of course).
  • Go roller skating at Skateland, Skate Country and the rink across the street from my old house.
  • Buy a P.O.P. ticket to Ponchartrain Beach and enjoy all the rides and other forms of entertainment, including the Zephyr, Galaxy, Music Express, Sky Ride, Log Flume.
  • Go to the Plaza and visit all the places that my friends and I used to go to ~ Space Port, Jolly Ox, Smith’s Records, Record Bar, among others.
  • Make groceries at Schwegmann’s Giant Supermarket. Or Pap’s.
  • Revisit my old schools, Bradley and SJM.
  • Drive along the Lakefront and West End.
  • Eat at all the West End restaurants ~ Bounty, Fitzgerald’s Bart’s.
  • Eat at Teddy’s Grill.
  • Get some donuts from a popular neighborhood place everyone raved about.
  • Buy one of everything from McKenzie’s and Lawrence’s bakeries.
  • Eat at the Chinese Tea Garden {owned by a relative}.
  • Revisit the hotel gift shops where I worked {Elson’s before it became WH Smith}.
  • Go to K & B and buy up all the “K&B purple” items I could find, stock up on the ice cream, and eat at the café while listening to the table jukeboxes.
  • Go to Melba’s Ice Cream place for a hot fudge sundae.
  • Bowl at Sugar Bowl Lanes.
  • Jump on the trampolines outside of Canal Villere on Gentilly Blvd.
  • Go to Woolworth’s, Woolco, Robert Hall and Barker’s.
  • Go with my parents and out-of-town relatives to Café DuMonde late at night in our pajamas to get beignets.
  • Go to City Park and walk through Storyland, ride on the Flying Horses, and swing on the cool swings {with much longer chains}.
  • Revisit the World’s Fair in 1984.
  • Walk to Farrell’s and Pete’s {both on Clematis} for candy.
  • Play pool in the garage at my old house.
  • Visit White City Amusement Park, West End Summer Resort, and generally roam around the city in the early 1900’s, just to see what life was like back then.

I’m dedicating this entry to all of my fellow dawlins and hawts who know exactly what I’m talking about. ♥

{This post was originally published on 5 March 2013. I’ve updated the list a little and decided to re-post as part of my “Retro Sunday” series. Enjoy!}

14 thoughts on “What I’d Do In Retro New Orleans

    1. Hi Tasha!

      I do have a long list of memories! 🙂 You’re correct ~ I do miss home, but in a different way. I currently live just outside of New Orleans but I miss how it used to be, not what it is now. If I could bring all of that back, even just briefly, I so would.

      Nice to see you Tasha. Thank you for stopping by. Always nice to hear from you. {big hugs}

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    1. Oh yes, the food is still divine, but there are a lot of things that we can’t get anymore that we really miss. We have a saying in New Orleans when we miss something that’s gone ~ it “Ain’t Dere No More.” The list is ever-growing, too, sadly. :/

      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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  1. If I find New Orleans to be amazing now I can only imagine how great it most have been back then. There are still some of those tings like you can do like going to Café DuMonde late at night. I sometimes would like to be able to travel in time and visit different places, it would be so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m still in touch with a lot of the people who lived in the area where I grew up and we all miss it terribly. What I love about our community is that there’s no such thing as 6 degrees of separation. Everyone knows a friend of a friend. For example: My favorite 8th grade Science teacher and I are still friends to this day. I recently learned that her cousin is married to my brother-in-law’s cousin. In another instance, one of my high school friends recently met my first cousin through a neighbor. The connections are amazing and we’re always thrilled when we find out we have mutual friends in common.

      My high school was tiny, but we’re all still in touch and regularly meet for coffee. It truly was a great place to grow up and, if you ever know anyone with a time machine or somehow meet up with a Time Lord who grants you access to the TARDIS, I hope you’ll remember me and pick me to go on a retro trip back to old-time New Orleans. lol 🙂

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