How I’m Fulfilling My Purpose

Currently, I’m reading “Inspiration ~ Your Ultimate Calling” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who just happens to be a favorite author/spiritual guru/motivational speaker of mine. In Chapter 2, he talks about what happens before we’re born into our physical bodies, which is fascinating to imagine, as far as I’m concerned. I know it’s a concept many of us haven’t really considered but stay with me here.

Dr. Dyer writes about an imaginary conversation between his highest spiritual self and originating Source that took place before his manifestation into a physical particle. Reading through the brief dialogue, I appreciated the concept of imagining such a conversation ~ to see our lives from a “planning” point of view. For me, it read like a soul talking to its Creator about what it hoped to achieve whilst in the specific physical form {during a specific time-frame} and the circumstances that would facilitate that particular purpose and destiny. I’d never considered anything like that before, but I think it’s a useful exercise that helps us to understand how events, people, circumstances, situations affect and shape our ultimate purpose. Dr. Dyer then went on to suggest the following at the end of the chapter {one in a brief list of ideas supporting the concepts discussed in the chapter}:

“Imagine a conversation, just before your conception, with the Creative Spirit that you materialized from. Review the parents and siblings you selected, as well as the timing of your birth. Find ways that those participants in your life were aligned with the deep inner urge you had as an exclusively spiritual entity to accomplish a calling. Try to make sense of what may first appear to be a jumble of unrelated items in your life. If this exercise satisfies and inspires you, there’s no need to convince anyone else.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, Chapter 2 {Suggestions for Putting the Ideas in This Chapter to Work for You}, Inspiration ~ Your Ultimate Calling

I present to you:

My Pre-Physical Particle Plan Conversation

There wasn’t much in the way of news during the time before or around my conception, apart from the birth of one of my best friends {19 March 1964}. Although there were a few things going on globally, it seemed quiet by comparison to today’s world. I imagine my conversation with God taking place in a beautiful garden somewhere, high above the Earth. We can see far into the Galaxy, but the Earth is closest to us. We’re silent for a while; I’m supposed to be thinking about what I learned from past physical manifestations and how I feel I need to spend my next “life”. What I must remember is, once I tell God what I feel I’m meant to do, He ultimately chooses the path I must follow, the circumstances, and the roles of the people I encounter. It’s up to me to navigate the path He’s chosen for me and how best to overcome the challenges and obstacles along the way.

The conversation, as I imagine it:

God: What do you wish to accomplish during your physical journey this time round?

Me: I want to use what I learn from my experiences to help people survive similar circumstances; I know how comforting it is to find others who can relate, understand, and accept. I want to be a beacon of light and epitomize compassion so that others know they can feel safe around me.

God: Are you sure? In order to empathize with others and gain understanding and compassion, you will have to endure very difficult times. The emotional pain will be very difficult.

Me: I would rather learn strength, compassion, and empathy than to breeze through life, oblivious to anyone else’s problems simply because I have none.

God: Okay, so I’m going to send you to a family that has considerably more downs than ups. You and your siblings will represent three vastly different outcomes of your parents’ evolving parental attitudes. You won’t see the differences until later in life. Your birth order will have a lot to do with how things turn out. I’m sorry to say that being the youngest will have extreme disadvantages in some aspects…but it’s also how you will achieve your purpose. You’ll have more admirable qualities as a result of your experiences.

Me: How are my parents going to shape my life?

God: Your father comes from a dysfunctional background, which he will never overcome, despite the opportunities he’s given throughout his life. Eventually, he’ll turn to alcoholism…but not until you’re the only child at home. There will be times when you won’t have anyone. You’re going to shoulder the burden of a terrible secret throughout your life and, although you’ll bury it for a while, it’ll resurface in your 40’s and you will have to deal with it.

Me: Will I at least have a good relationship with my mother?

God: Yes. You will learn empathy from very early on in your life and you will vow to protect her. That will be the beginnings of your awareness of the suffering of other people. Your mother will teach you to be observant and insightful. You’ll second-guess the needs of those you love, obliging them before they ask, making their lives easier…but putting yourself last will eventually affect your health adversely. You’ll have to learn how to take care of yourself before others. You and your mother will maintain your closeness regardless of what happens, but she will not always be the mom you need her to be. You’ll understand why later on.

Me: Once I learn the lessons my parents have to teach me, I’ll have it a bit easier…right?

God: No. You must experience more aspects of abuse, as a spouse, if you wish to help abuse victims. You can’t profess to be of help to people, if you only understand a portion of what you’re meant to understand. You have chosen this journey and you know it won’t be easy, but if you’re to satisfactorily accomplish everything, you must be willing to accept all challenges that come with the journey itself. What you experience in your marriage and as a mother will help you to understand everything you need to know to be of any help to others.

Me: How will I convey the lessons I’ve learned?

God: By age 12, you will discover a talent and that’s the one you will use to fulfill your purpose. In addition, you will have other very important qualities which will complete the picture of who you are, but these qualities require maturity to recognize and understand.

Me: Artistic talent?

God: If I told you everything, what would you have left to discover?

Me: Okay.

God silently regarded me as I digested everything He told me. The thing was, I felt the power of His love, just as I always had. It was an all- encompassing feeling that overruled any fears I had about the things I experienced as a physical particle, and one of profound assurance that I never had to face my journeys alone. I knew that there would be times when I would feel differently and question His presence, but He once explained to me that it was all part of the experience. He knew the difficulties I’d face and understood that it would sometimes feel as though He was absent.

He finally broke the silence.

God: This journey is going to be one of your most difficult and, for that, I’m sorry…but you will find a way to smile and laugh. Your mother will teach you the power of positivity and you will find ways to help you cope. You will be blessed with a vast group of close friends who will always be there for you, but you must learn to ask for help.

I could only nod when he asked me if I was ready to start my journey. The last thing I remember was HIS words echoing through my mind…”I love you, My child…” over and over.

And then everything faded to black.

2 thoughts on “How I’m Fulfilling My Purpose

  1. Hello Dear Soul Sister,

    What faded to black long ago a mere split of the atom of time. Has now blossomed and burst into a sacred shiny tapestry of white. Leaving any white Christmas to blush in comparison.

    We bow to your giant within and smile with a wink and a nod. As to what is around the corner full of grace for you and your loved ones. No need to grit your teeth, just lean in to those tight turns and you’ll create a wind tunnel of positive change.

    Liked by 1 person

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