8 Photos of Happiness

One of the things I love about being part of the blogosphere is that we all help each other, sometimes indirectly. If we’re out of ideas on what to post about, chances are, we only need to look to our fellow bloggers for inspiration. Ideas get passed around via post sharing and the beauty is seeing different perspectives based on a single idea. Every blogger/writer has a different way of writing about the ideas that inspire them and it’s great to see inspiration taking new forms.

So when one of my blogger/friends, Trudy, shared her version of “Eight Photos of Happiness” posted by a blogger/friend, I decided to do such a post, too. Without further ado, here are my photos:

Carol, with Grandma image
“Dancing” with Grandma

This is one of my favorite pictures of me with my maternal grandmother. I was about 18 months old when this was taken. My grandma loved being surrounded by her family; the more of us there were at family gatherings, the better she liked it. She was a truly beautiful person, inside and out and she endeared herself to so many people throughout her life. To this day, she is one of my biggest heroes {my mom is another}. She had a natural talent for cooking the most delicious food and crocheting beautiful keepsakes. My grandma lived to be 100 which, I’m convinced is down to some sort of mystical Chinese ancient wisdom; she never got sick because she simply believed she wouldn’t.

Carol, 2 years old image
Mini Me

I was 2½ here and most likely, I was running around the yard with our then-dog and my mother caught me standing still long enough to take a picture. Oh to be young and carefree once again, eh? I was lucky enough to grow up in a very close-knit community ~ just South of Lake Pontchartrain ~ called Gentilly. Magical Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with so many people who lived in this area, including neighbors I hadn’t been in touch with since I lived in the house attached to this yard. I’d love to go back and revisit Gentilly during this time. It was a simpler time in so many aspects.

Graduation picture
Class Night, 1982

One of the best times of my life ~ Spring, 1982 ~ because that’s when all the graduation events took place…Prom, rehearsals, Senior breakfast, Class Night, Graduation Day. Back then, I was glad to be done with school and never look back. What I didn’t realize then, was just how special my school was. Now, I know because I’m still friends with many people from that time, even those who went on to other schools after elementary. A group of us still meet for coffee. After 40+ years, I’d say that’s pretty damn awesome.

New Orleans fair image
When all the world visited New Orleans

For several months in 1984, New Orleans had many World cultures come to visit and share a bit of themselves with us…and it was awesome. For a little while, we could walk around the various pavilions and learn about countries like Australia, China, Peru, Egypt, and Japan. There was so much to see and do. At age 19, I was working at a hotel gift shop in downtown New Orleans and my friends and I would often go to the World’s Fair site after work or on days off. Although it wasn’t great from a financial/attendance standpoint, we still enjoyed it.

Carol mid-20's image
Just Me

This was taken in the months before I got married in 1989, at 24. I like this picture because it’s just me. No parents, no husband, no idea of the life-changing journey just beginning. We all have visions of what we think will happen or what we want to happen; it’s not until we’re older and acquire the maturity necessary to realize that “Man plans and God laughs.” Still, when I look at this picture, I want to hug that 24-year-old version of me and assure her that, regardless of how bad things get, everything turns out well at the end. Because it has. And “we” have survived through it all. ❤

Me with kiddos image
My Pride & Joy

Taken on Christmas Day, 2005 ~ the beginning of what would be one of the toughest decades of my life. I’ve included this picture because it serves as a reminder that we can smile, despite what’s going on behind the scenes. I remember the times when I put on a brave smile for my kiddos until they were old enough to realize things on their own. For them, Christmas 2005 was “happy-memorable” and that’s all that really matters. ❤

Grandbean image
My Little GrandBean

Here we have a picture that shows what’s going on in “The Present”, 2015. As far as I’m concerned, this is a new beginning for our family as we prepare to welcome our newest family member ~ my grandbaby. We’re putting the past to rest and looking forward to what the future has in store. We’ve been through some extremely challenging times and, with that in mind, we can handle pretty much anything. Watch this space!

Which of your pictures would you choose for your “8 Photos of Happiness” post? Could you limit your post to only 8 photos or would you have trouble shortlisting them {like I did}? How would you use your pictures to depict how your life has unfolded up to the present? Have any of the pictures reminded you of something you’d forgotten?

I invite you to visit Rendezvous En New York and Birds and Lillies to read the posts that inspired this one, as well as all their other awesome posts. I hope you enjoyed my pictures and their blurbs.

Happy Weekend, Writeful Mind Readers! ❤


8 thoughts on “8 Photos of Happiness

  1. This is a lovely souvenir of snapshots of your life. I particularly like the idea of going back to hug the 24 year old version of yourself. It brings a lump to my throat. None of us can know what life will deal to us but looking back we see we did the best we could with who we were and what we knew at that time. We really could ask no more of ourselves than that and that still applies today.

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    1. It’s funny what comes to mind when looking at old pictures. When I saw that picture of me at 24, a feeling of sadness washed over me. It’s not that I regret what I’ve been through because it’s made me stronger. I just see a lot of hope in that young face of mine and instinctively want to shield her from what happens in the next 25 years. :/

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