Guest Post: When My Inner Anglophile Took Over My Life

A week ago, I received a message from Steve, creator of the awesomely insightful blog, ExPat in Bacolod. He asked me to write a guest post and I accepted for two reasons ~ 1/ Steve is a good friend of mine, so how could I say no?; 2/ I’d never written a guest post before and I felt honored to be asked!

It didn’t even take that long for us to think of a topic. He suggested I write about my experiences as an American living in the U.K. Initially, I thought I would talk about the good, bad, and ugly {after clearing it with Steve, of course, who encouraged me to write the post as I wanted}. A few lines into the post and it sounded reminiscent of so many posts I’ve already written for Café Sanctuary and I really didn’t want to go “there” again. I decided to make it more upbeat and positive by talking about more memorable times as well as the things I love and miss about life in that country.

So! If you’re an ExPat living in the U.K., an Anglophile wishing you could live there, or even a British ExPat living elsewhere in the world, you might just appreciate my “take” on spending a few years in a foreign country. And when you’re done with reading the guest post, give Steve’s posts a read and show him some love in the comments! Subscribe to his blog, too. Tell him the Anglophile from Louisiana sent you, but don’t mention Coronation Street! {grin}

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