Why Ignoring Your Watch Is Good For Self-Care

For this week’s Feel-Good Friday event post, I want to expand on two of my quotes from last week’s event post:

From the original post:

“Every day, I would live by the clock that nature intended, rising with the sun, stopping work when it set, and sleeping after a bit of star-gazing.

From a comment I made in response to a dear reader’s comment:

“I truly believe that taking time to appreciate and observe nature serves as a much-needed reminder that we humans complicate things way too much. Many people aren’t living as naturally as they should.”

I started thinking about how we live by the clock in many aspects. We watch the clock. We anticipate the weekend, days before it arrives; we anticipate ~ or dread ~ certain events while neglecting to live in the moment. Our focus is on everything else…except the present. We have a hate-hate relationship with our alarm clock, always anticipating that dreaded moment it’s set to go off instead of focusing on sleep.

We are slaves to the concept of time ~ How much time do I have left to sleep? How long before I can leave school/work? Shit! I overslept and I’m gonna be late! I really should get to bed and stop staying up so late! Who ever remembers how to relax anymore? Using clocks and calendars to measure time is one thing; that we obsess over time just makes things that much more complicated.

I believe in the benefit of allowing our internal clocks to govern how/when we wake up, when we stop working {when we feel our productivity dropping off}, and when we go to sleep. Being in tune with our bodies ~ and actually listening to them ~ would lower stress levels brought on by “forced” schedules. Our bodies constantly send us signals when we’re tired, hungry or lack concentration; we choose to ignore those signals and wonder why we have insomnia, indigestion and can’t seem to get any work done.

Self-care is about respecting our body’s natural rhythm and recognizing the right ways to challenge it ~ by getting exercise, both physically and mentally. Continued sleep deprivation, ignoring illness/injuries, eating the wrong foods eventually catches up to us, causing serious health problems.

Of course, it’s not always practical to rely solely on our internal clocks. We can, however, make necessary, gradual changes to our daily routine, paying closer attention to what our bodies are telling us.

  • Establish regular sleep patterns, and go to sleep when tired.
  • Eat only when hungry, not bored.
  • Observe sunrise and sunset as often as possible; really appreciate the beauty of the day beginning/ending.
  • Do some stargazing as often as possible. It’s the perfect time to practice mindfulness and take stock.
  • Set aside some time for solitude and insist upon it when necessary.
  • Increase the time you spend not watching the clock. Cover clocks and don’t put a watch on. You’ll be amazed by how liberating it is.

Are you a slave to your clock? Do you constantly check your watch? Do you stress over deadlines? Are you up late because you feel unable to sleep until you get everything done? Do you dread your day when your alarm goes off? Are you constantly resentful of the fact that you hardly get a break during the course of your day?




Please change your habits. We were not put on this Earth to run ourselves ragged; we’re here to live, experience joy, fulfill our purpose. A stressed society  is not a productive one.

Take care of yourself.

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Happy Feel-Good Friday! ❤


4 thoughts on “Why Ignoring Your Watch Is Good For Self-Care

  1. Love this article! I’m definitely a slave to the clock. (And as I write this I feel its pressure with my “time constraint” i.e. my alarm is about to pop off soon) I do feel that our concept of time has been skewered by the necessity of the ever ticking schedule/appointments/alarms/etc. As for me, I actively strive to take breaks by going out for walks with my coworkers or turning on some meditation music. I think when it comes to the constraints of the clock, it is all about finding a healthy balance. Definitely going to apply your tips to my lifestyle. Thanks for this article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so pleased you dropped by and thank you for your kind comments.

      It’s great that you have found ways to “forget” about time for a while and enjoy just “being” and you’re right, it is about balance.

      I once went on a retreat and we had to give up our watches for the weekend. At first it’s difficult to do, but I think that we adjust after a while and learn to listen to our bodies and find other ways to measure time.

      I do hope you’ll continue to visit! {Hugs}


  2. I love this article! It’s so hard to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. We’re all guilty of wanting it to be Friday, or the weekend, or next year, when we can’t focus on the here and now.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up at Manic Monday over at Newman’s Corner!

    Liked by 1 person

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