Book Recommendation: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy book image
Good book to have

I had this book when I was pregnant with my kiddos but donated it when I thought I didn’t need it anymore. It was probably outdated anyway since I bought my copy in 1992. It served me well through both of my pregnancies so I wanted to get it for my daughter. It’s very informative, organized month-by-month, and filled with frequently asked questions that will undoubtedly arise between prenatal checks. What I love about it is that it addresses any worries and concerns an expectant mother might have and, more importantly, concisely highlights when to call the doctor if there’s a problem.

We ordered the book via Amazon* this week and delivery was swifter than expected {2 days early}.

*This is an affiliate link and, for full disclosure, I only link to products I have personally bought, used, and would highly recommend. If I don’t believe in a product or service 1000%, I will not include a link to it ~ affiliate or otherwise.


What say you?

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