Self-Care the Way Nature Intended

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

If you asked me about my dream home, you would learn that it’s not only about the house; its location is just as important to me. I couldn’t tell you where this “ideal place” is because I won’t know until I go there. Regardless of where it is, the following are “must-haves”:

  • It would be near the coast where there are quiet beaches, piers and boardwalk arcades.
  • There would be a park with a nature trail of some sort for exploration, serene walks, picnic tables, benches and events like “Movie Night” {yes, I watched The Wedding Planner}.
  • Attached to my home ~ a deck furnished with comfy lounge chairs.

What would my day of self-care be like in this ideal place?

Morning ~ 

I eventually condition my internal clock to synchronize itself with the moments just before the sun peeks over the horizon. It’s nicer to watch as it happens, as opposed to the flood of sunlight just after. After a few moments of deliberate stillness, I ease myself out of bed. The beach is within comfortable walking distance via a boardwalk leading there directly from my home. The sea air is cool enough to be invigorating and the sound of the waves is soothing. The pier goes out a fair distance and it has benches where one can sit and behold the beauty of the horizon, where the water meets the sky. There’s so much to look at and appreciate. Nature is astoundingly awesome. I walk home feeling uplifted and ready to face the rest of my morning. The smell of coffee intoxicates me as I walk in the door. Bring it on.

Afternoon ~ 

After running some errands, I stop at the local grocer and choose something for my lunch before heading toward the park. Settling at my favorite picnic table, I eat at a leisurely pace, while taking in the scenery and surrounding activity. Although there are a few people about, it’s still serene. The leaves are turning an array of beautiful colors, reminding me that it’s my favorite season of all ~ a time to let go.  Meal finished, I finish my break with a walk, taking in the beauty as I go, once again feeling uplifted and ready to face what’s left of my work day, which would end with the viewing of the sunset.

Night ~ 

Preparations for the next day complete, I grab a jacket, a spare blanket, what’s left of my tea, and step outside onto the deck. I settle into a lounge chair, pull the blanket up to my neck, and from the moment I look up, I’m mesmerized. The night sky is a magnificent display of stars, unaffected by any manmade light source for miles around. The infinite mysterious universe reaches far beyond what I see, but I’m awestruck all the same. I don’t feel insignificant, despite knowing just how our Earth measures in comparison to other planets and stars. Regardless of our size, we are here for a reason. I feel myself getting sleepy and return to the warmth of the house to complete my bedtime regime. I’m relaxed enough to drift off rather quickly, knowing that the beauty of the sunrise awaits me after a good night’s sleep.

In my ideal place, I would be surrounded by such beautiful elements of nature. Every day, I would live by the clock that nature intended, rising with the sun, stopping work when it set, sleeping after a bit of star-gazing. Nature has the ability to instill calmness, yet invigorate. When we take the time to stop and observe nature’s complexities and beauty, we forget about stress and pressure. We are reminded that we are part of the natural process and, just as nature adjusts to every cycle of change to care for itself, so should we.

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

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10 thoughts on “Self-Care the Way Nature Intended

    1. Steve, I’m glad my post brought you some much-needed peace. That’s why I do this event regularly ~ self-care can be simply reading something that promotes a sense of peace.

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope you’ve recovered from your week.

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  1. I’m relaxed enough to drift off rather quickly, knowing that the beauty of the sunrise awaits me after a good night’s sleep. –> beautiful! That’s how it should be 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree!

      When I lived in the U.K., I could see the sunset from my kitchen window and it made doing the dishes very pleasant. I think we should all take the time to watch the sun rise and set every day.

      Thank you so much for stopping by. {Hugs}

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  2. Awww…drean places. I agree with Steve. While reading this, I thought of my happy place and all the things I want to have in my dream place. 🙂
    I also want to be near a park, the one where movie night happens, and maybe where almost every needed store in the community is seen. 🙂
    I don’t like living near the coast. It’s peaceful, but so unpredictable. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get your feelings about living near a coast ~ I grew up in New Orleans. I find the beach incredibly comforting and it would have to be accessible regularly, if not every day.

      Thank you for stopping by. {Hugs}


  3. This is beautiful, Carol! All my fantasies about dream places to live involve a house by the sea! I think when you grow up beside the sea, it’s very hard to let it go. I’m also obsessed with night skies at the moment – I miss the night skies of my childhood. Living in a city deprives you of stars.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Niamh! I’m delighted you visited and left a comment here and I hope that you’ll continue to visit often.

      I think it’s great that you grew up beside the sea. We always had the Gulf Coast nearby, so it was nice to go spend time on the beach growing up. One of the reasons I don’t like living in a big city is because of light pollution. I want to live far enough away to experience spectacular views of the stars just by going outside and looking up. I think having an open deck with a lounge chair is perfect for lying back and taking it all in.

      I truly believe that taking time to appreciate and observe nature serves as a much-needed reminder that we humans complicate things way too much. Many people aren’t living as naturally as they should. I’m considering doing a follow up post.



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