Collaboration: A Drink in the Pub with Noémie

This virtual chat takes us from the café last week to a pub. For those of you just joining us, Noémie and I do regular virtual chat posts as a collaboration on our blogs. We ask / respond to {each other’s} questions, sharing bits of our lives with each other and our readers; so far we’ve discovered some similarities, despite the distance. Noémie started it off, then I responded with a post. Now, it’s my turn to respond to her latest post. So here goes.

Hi Noémie!

Like you, I’m not normally a drinker, but love the idea of sitting in a pub and talking for hours. I’m even less of a beer drinker, so I’ll stick with my Christmas holiday favorite, Bailey’s Irish Cream. I only ever drink during the holidays, starting on my birthday in mid-December and ending on New Year’s Eve. My indulgence is a small amount of Bailey’s in a glass, which I “nurse” all night. Beware if I get a bit giggly, though; I definitely can’t hold my liquor! People think I’m hilarious when I’ve had a bit of alcohol. At least I’m entertaining! {grin}

Anyway! It’s lovely to see you. Thank you so much for picking such a good table. From here, we can people watch, which is part of the fun. Right? In answer to your question ~ there are pubs here, the closest one being Finn McCool’s Irish Pub in New Orleans. I’ve never been there but, according to the list I found of the Irish pubs in America, Finn McCool’s pub was established post-Katrina as a way to bring people {who’d lost so much in the storm} together. If that isn’t a great excuse to open a pub, I don’t know what is, right?

I love your hat! I’d probably ask you if I could try it on and then we’d take a selfie. I’d tell you that if I ever attempted such a project, I would no doubt have fragmented sheep on mine {“Those are supposed to be sheep? Really?”} and if you want to imagine what those might look like, it’s probably best we don’t know; could give us nightmares! Of course, this is my way of saying that I think you’re a talented knitter. Have you tried selling your stuff on Etsy? I bet you’d make a fortune!

You mention American shows over there and I think being able to watch shows like “Friends”, “Ally McBeal”, “Frasier”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and “Seinfeld” alleviated the homesickness a little for me. My daughter tells me that she had a certain expectation of American high school, based on the films we watched and she sometimes sits in her classroom, amazed that she’s actually in an American high school. She did 3 years of high school in the UK before moving here so she feels like she’s been in high school for a loooonnng time. She’s in her 3rd year of high school here, so I can appreciate how she feels! I think the first thing you’d probably notice if you came here would be how “big” it feels. I had to get used to it all over again, after 16 years of being able to “nip to the shops” which were only a 5-minute walk away. Now, if I want to go shopping, I have to get in my car and drive almost a mile in any direction. If you ever fly over New York City, you’ll be amazed by how big it is.

Wow…Orléans has a Jazz Festival, too? The one in New Orleans takes place in April – May, close to where my parents used to live before I was born. I’ve never been, but I have friends who go every year and love it. I’m too introverted for such an event and I’m pretty sure I would have a hard time getting out of there when I had enough of it. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like too much of a party pooper! It’s not me, it’s my sensitivity to Dopamine!

St. Louis Cathedral image
                St. Louis Cathedral & Jackson Square

Orléans Cathedral is beautiful! Thank you for sharing the image. Ours is St. Louis Cathedral, just by Jackson Square. Across the street is Café DuMonde which is where you’d find our delicious beignets and café au lait. When I was younger {and there were relatives from out-of-town visiting}, my parents would load us into the car at midnight {in our pajamas!} and we’d go to Café DuMonde for beignets.That was a rare treat, but it was awesome when it happened! I do hope you’re able to visit America one of these days. I hope to get to France at some point, as I never got the opportunity while I was in the UK. {As insane as that sounds, it’s a very long story.} I would love for us to give each other tours of our home cities. Wouldn’t that be the coolest? 

Route 66 map image
                   Road Trip, Route 66

When my daughter graduates, my bucket list item is traveling the length of U.S. Route 66, which starts in Chicago, Illinois, goes across Missouri, Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Santa Monica, California. We will probably have a caravan because I would like to make this trip with my kiddos and a group of my closest friends. For me, it’s not just about the road trip. I’ve written a lengthy post about the things I would like to do on this trip. I think it’ll be one of the best things I ever do and I can’t wait to do it! Other places I would like to go:

  1. Stay in a glass igloo in Kakslauttanen, Finland.
  2. Visit the car-free, road-free village of Giethoorn, The Netherlands.
  3. Stay in a hut, right on the beach in the beautiful Bora Bora.
  4. Spend the entire autumn season in Vermont, which is renowned for its beautiful foliage.
Mandala Maker image
                           Mandala Maker

Pinterest is awesome.  I’ve no doubt that you found some great crochet patterns on there; it’s an excellent resource for everything. Here’s a link to my boards. The mandala crochet project sounds amazing! I have a mandala maker bought from Yellow Moon when my daughter was in school. I still have it and I don’t care that I’m 50; I still love that thing.

Mandala collage
                         Mandala Designs

I’ve included a collage of designs I did for my store on Zazzle so you can see how cool it is. I drew the designs on paper and scanned them to color and enhance them in Photoshop. I’ve gotten away from making any new designs, but who knows, maybe I’ll get back to it one of these days. Oh, the things I would do if I had more free time!

Thank you for sharing the picture of you in the woods with the big mushroom. I think it’s great that you go there daily and bet you see something new and beautiful every time. I think it’s great that you take your son and I bet he shows you new things from his perspective, too. Two pairs of eyes see twice as much! That’s why I want other people to travel with me along Route 66…I want them to show me things I might have missed otherwise. Where, in America, would you like to visit? Would you take a road trip to see more than one state?

I miss the chips over there and I would probably order some, too. The chip shop chips were divine {calories? what calories?}. The southern fried fries {click for recipe} I think you mean are seasoned and fried twice for extra crispiness. They’re thinner than chip shop chips, too. I prefer sweet potato fries, which are pretty popular over here. Many places here serve them by default; others happily substitute upon request. They have a nice flavor to them and a lot healthier, too, if they’re baked. I can’t eat a lot of fried food, so I tend to oven bake my chips.

I think restorative yoga sounds great and exactly what I need. I’m always looking for ways to administer self-care and I may just try it. I wish I could book a session with you, but it would be a helluva commute for you! Maybe I’ll try on my own and, if we ever meet up, we can have a session together. I would thank you for taking the time to explain it to me and be forever grateful for ending the rebelliousness within. I would ask you how long you’ve been practicing yoga and if you had a Zen calm about you {which I’m pretty sure you do}, I’d be very jealous! I want that!

I’ll have to take pictures of the cats as they look now. They’ve really grown since that last photo was taken. Maybe next post, I’ll show you how big they’ve gotten. It’s hard to capture them still because they’re always running around and play-fighting. We named them Cali {short for Calico} and Minoux ~ which honors a cat I had a child. My mother named her, but I always thought it was spelled “Minew”. In New Orleans, we spell things certain ways ~ when we support our football team, we always say “Geaux Saints”. So when we were naming our cats, I chose to spell it Minoux because it looked cooler.

As far as speaking Cajun, I know a few people who live in what’s considered “Cajun Country”. They sure know how to cook there, and have tons of fun while they’re doing it. Growing up, we used a few of the Cajun terms for certain things. For example, “Fais-do-do” {pronounced Fay-doe-doe} is a dance that literally translated means “Go to sleep” It’s what parents would tell their children so that they could join in the dancing. My mother would say, “It’s time to go do-do” at bedtime and I said the same thing to my son when he was little. In New Orleans, we have a language all our own and it usually surprises people that we don’t even sound Southern. Adding a mild British accent after 16 years in the U.K., it’s kinda fun to watch the confused expressions when people hear me talk…maybe not so much now {it’s faded}, but when I first came back, it was fun.

The weather has been kinda crazy here, lately. For one thing, we had the remnants of Hurricane Patricia that recently hit Mexico. That storm caused some bad weather for Texas and here. Crazy, because before that, we were on a watch for brush fires because everything was so dry. This past weekend was rainy, so we’re not so dry anymore. It’s still in the teens during the night and 20’s during the day. I’m ready for some cooler weather after being hot all summer and I’m sure you’re just the opposite! How’s the weather been for you?

In closing, I would tell you that I have had a crazy week, busy and dealing with what seemed like a million things at once, as always. Most of the time, I’m trying to get off this rollercoaster, in search of a peaceful Gondola ride…or something like that! I’m okay; just have to remember to breathe. I will train myself to be Zen! I will!

I hope you {and our readers} aren’t sleeping by now. I should end this before it turns into an epic novel. Again the hours have passed without us realizing and I think the chips helped me to not feel so giggly from the Bailey’s. I think the landlord has issued a last call. I look forward to our next chat. Where will it take place? Oooh, the mystery. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Collaboration: A Drink in the Pub with Noémie

  1. Hahaha I loved reading this, thank you for taking the time to write back to me! 🙂 I shall post my response soon 🙂 I’m off to dodo now 😀 it’s funny because there is a French lullaby that says :”fais dodo, colas mon petit frere, fais dodo, t’auras du lolo” is it the same Cajun song you mentioned???

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