Retro Sunday: Gallery of {Music} Memories {2}

Boston- More than A Feeling {1976}

The first song I ever heard by Boston and I was instantly hooked. I’ve been a fan for 38 years and I will probably be listening to their music for the rest of my life.

Boz Scaggs – Look What You’ve Done To Me {1980}

This song takes me back to high school and dating. It frequently served as “background music” while we were watching the submarine races at the Lakefront.

Little River Band – Light Of Day {1978}

This one, I discovered when I got the “Backstage Pass” album for my birthday one year and I still play it even now. LRB has always been one of my favorite bands and I was fortunate enough to see them in concert on the Riverboat President in New Orleans.

The Producers – What She Does To Me {1981}

My best friend and I first saw this song / band on our all-night M-TV marathons and became instant fans. We were lucky enough to see them in concert many times on the Riverboat President. And, if memory serves, we weren’t that far from the stage, just feet away from Kyle, Van, Wayne and Bryan. It was pretty awesome!

The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me {1980}

The Police ~ probably one of the first bands we liked from the 80’s {new wave} “British Invasion” which included Tears For Fears, Thompson Twins, Haircut 100, Squeeze, Duran Duran. I saw them in concert twice and we met Andy Summers at his “Throb” book signing, which was pretty cool.

The Cranberries – Linger {1993}

I’m not even sure how I discovered The Cranberries, but I instantly liked  Dolores O’Riordan’s unique voice and “Linger” remains a favorite of mine.


What say you?

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