On Being a Twitter LateBloomer

Being on the Internet since 1992, I’ve always prided myself on being pretty knowledgeable about technology, chatting, setting up PHP forums, graphic design, software, word processors, operating systems, games, html coding, etc. Hell, my sister calls me her “computer expert”.

I’ve been on Twitter since March 2010 and for the longest time, I’m ashamed to say, I never “got” it and found it incredibly frustrating to tweet and get zero feedback. This is not to say that I don’t appreciate some aspects of it because I believe it’s a useful tool in getting important information to one’s followers. From a personal standpoint, however, Twitter continued to mystify me. I’m pretty sure that expert tweeters would have told me “You’re not doing it right!” and that would be an accurate statement; the truth is, I didn’t even understand how to use it right.

As I started blogging more and more, I used it to tweet about my posts more often than anything else. Sometimes I’d tweet about Pinterest pins, but when I would look over my tweets, I would think, “How boring!” I understood why my tweets never got retweeted or replies. Lately, I’ve tried to include some more personal tweets and interact more with my fellow tweeters, but the majority of my tweets still focus on links to my blog posts.

I’ve decided that I want more from Twitter. I know there’s more to it than just sharing links and maybe it’s me still trying to figure it out. I admit that some things are still lost on me. There are so many new types of social media sharing options nowadays that it’s hard to keep up with everything. The world of cyberspace is evolving at such a rate that I’m starting to feel left behind…and that’s saying something for someone who’s been online for 23 years.

This morning, my view of Twitter changed and I think I finally got a glimpse of what’s interesting about it. I tweeted the following:

What followed was a very brief, pleasant tweet conversation with a fellow insomniac in which we spoke about creativity. We now follow each other on Twitter AND Instagram, all because of a tweet about insomnia. I didn’t expect to get a response from anyone, but I did and it gave me an idea for an experiment.

I decided to do a “Tweet Series” for creative insomniacs with #insomnia #creative, #night owl #creativity hashtags and tweeted the following:

Within minutes, I was added to someone’s Twitter list for creatives and someone I don’t know favorited my tweet. Will my regular “Chronicles of Insomnia” tweets become a trend? Who knows? Maybe this is what I need to do to “get” Twitter. Maybe all I needed was to find something that’s authentically me to regularly tweet about {and I can’t get any more authentically me than “insomniac”, “night owl”, and “creative”}. Maybe everyone who uses Twitter and reads this is thinking, “Wow…it took you that long to figure it out?” It’s not that I struggled with the mechanics of Twitter; I figured out how to link it to my other social media and cross-post.

I’ve simply become aware that Twitter is much more than me cranking out links to my blog posts in a feeble attempt to direct traffic to my blogs. I lost sight of what’s important and realized that I have to show my followers that they do have a good reason to continue following me.

The Twitter LateBloomer gets it now.

{Note: If you’re interested in seeing how my “Chronicles of Insomnia” project evolves over time, please feel free to follow me on Twitter ~ @Caeleyn ~ and look out for the hashtag #creativeinsomniac. {I plan to make it a one-word hashtag next time}} 


16 thoughts on “On Being a Twitter LateBloomer

  1. I also am trying to fully grasp the concept of twitter…I enjoy reading tweets but am sometimes hesitant to tweet or interact much. Trying to broaden my world though. One post/tweet at a time 🙂

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    1. I understand about being hesitant.

      I think that tweeting requires a bit more thought than a status on FB {although I tend to think before posting there, too}. I’m not one to put every single thought I have “out there” because I want to create positive ripples.


    1. I’m slowly learning.

      I think that the same rules of blogging apply to Twitter ~ define your audience and stick with what you’re passionate about. If you tweet about your interests, you’ll find like-minded people.

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    1. I actually think it’s difficult to get people to engage on Twitter. I’ve been looking at some of the accounts of people who follow me. Some of them have tens of thousands of followers and still never get “favorited” or “retweeted”. It makes me wonder if people read tweets.

      The only people who get a lot of activity are celebrities like Ellen or companies like Disney.

      I’m going to keep trying!


      1. It’s up to chance I guess. I’m sure not everyone reads all their Twitter feed. By chance there are some people who consistently favorite or retweet my tweets, and I treasure them, by reading their tweets too. I guess there has to be a beginning somewhere, like a thread of wool with an entire ball connected to it!


  2. Hi,
    When I saw your post, I thought at last! someone who can explain twitter to me. Great that you are exploring new ways to get it to work for you. I wish you all the best with that.
    I’m ashamed to admit that until I became a blogger (just over a month ago) I’d turned my nose up at getting involved in social media. Now as a blogger and as an aspiring author I see the benefits of it. At least you’ve been involved online for some 20 odd years and probably have the hang of all the various social media sites.
    As you say things are changing quickly and I feel completely lost. I even think by the time I become au fait with facebook/twitter/google+ etc etc things will have moved on and my knowledge will be redundant.
    The other thing about all this social media networking is the time involved (with as you have highlighted very little return unless you are a celebrity).
    Thanks for what you have shared. It’s been an interesting read. In fact, I almost forgot why I dropped by – it was because you hold a blogging event and I wanted to get a better idea of who’s behind it and what it involves. Guess I’ll leave that to another time! 🙂

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    1. I’m *really* glad I’m not alone in taking so long to understand how to do Twitter.

      Another thing that I find that I probably need to do more is “retweet” other tweets. I just don’t have a lot of time to sit and look through my feed, but it’s probably worth doing.

      A site I would recommend for you, since you’re new to blogging {if you’re interested} ~ google “about.me”, which is a site that I use as a hub for ALL of my links across the web. You use the page as a tool to put out what you want people to know about you and they have all your links in one place. If you’d like to see my page, go to about.me/nawlinsangel

      I’d also recommend buffer.com to schedule when you share your link your blog to multiple sites like FB, Twitter and LinkedIn. For every post you do, you can schedule multiple times and days to share it to your other social media sites automatically.

      Any other questions, please feel free to ask. And I do hope you participate in my event! 🙂 Glad you dropped by and hope you’ll continue to do so! {hugs}

      P.S. As an aside, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been known for years in my Role-playing community as “Lady Cee” {and my name is Carol}. I have also been dubbed “Warrior Woman” by a friend of mine who’s helped me through some really rough times during the past decade. The similarities between us made me smile.


  3. I also think Twitter is difficult to understand. I use it mostly to share interesting articles from Danish and foreign news medias. And it’s the only place where I share political interests as I hate the pressure of having to adapt to political correctness

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    1. I’m still trying! I am being more mindful about my tweets but I think there’s more to it than that. I’m doing more retweeting, too, so we’ll see if the addition activity improves the overall experience. 🙂

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