Writeful Mind Event: Feel Good Friday {1}

After a particularly rough, exhausting couple of weeks, I’m certainly in need of self-care / me-time. I’m getting better about the self-care thing and I know that to make it happen, I have to shut everything else out. Before she passed away, my mother made me promise to take good care of myself and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so important {apart from the obvious, that is!}. I was raised to listen to my momma and do as I was told ~ NO exceptions!

Bedroom Image

This week, I devoted some time to de-cluttering my bedroom and moving the furniture around. I believe that making our bedroom into a sanctuary is a huge part of self-care. This means zero clutter, the bed and furniture is arranged  just so that everything is accessible, but leaving a clear path to keep the movement flow going. Two things I don’t have in my bedroom ~ a TV or computer. I have a bookcase for {what else?!} books and my journals.

Lighting is another thing that’s very important to me; I really hate overhead lights because I find them offensively bright. For me, it’s lamps strategically placed so that every corner is lit up, but in an ambient, calming way.

Chair Image
Special Chair

Finally, I have a very special piece of furniture in one of the corners of my room. Before my mother passed, she told my sister that she wanted me to have her glider rocking chair and footstool, which I found very touching. This chair gave her great comfort during her final months and it’s where she always sat when we visited her while she was sick. I still find it a bit difficult to sit in it without getting emotional. I know she would shake her head and fuss at me. She’d probably say something like, “I didn’t give you that chair so it would collect dust in the corner, Carol!” And she would be right.

Having a clutter-free, tidy bedroom is a major “self-care” thing for me because I like knowing I can retreat to my room without having to worry about cleaning up before I settle down to relax or sleep. I have a clock radio that also serves as a dock for my iPod touch, so I can play music while I’m writing or drifting off to sleep.

What are your favorite things about your bedroom? Do you have any {must} or {must not} haves? Is your dream bedroom still a work-in-progress? Do you have trouble keeping clutter-free?

Also ~ this weekend is one of the group coffee meetings I mentioned in a previous post and I’m so looking forward to seeing my friends! Our chats are always uplifting and I certainly need to be in their company right now. Old friendships are awesome; many of these girls, I’ve known since I was 6 or 7. Our moms were friends, too. It’s just nice to be able to sit in a café, drinking coffee and talking about whatever…definitely a great way to spend a weekend morning/afternoon.

I hope that more in the blogosphere participate in this event as time goes on. Look forward to hearing more self-care / me-time suggestions!

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Happy Feel-Good Friday!

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