Collaboration: Coffee With Noémie

A little over a month ago, I connected with Noémie a fellow blogger whose blog is called ::FocalHeart:: and through a conversation taking place entirely through the comments on one of my posts, we came up with the idea of collaborating on a “virtual coffee chat” post. She started by posting things she would tell me/ask me about and this is my response to her part in the virtual chat.

Hi Noémie!

If we were at a table in a café {Caffé Nero? I miss that place!}, I would most certainly be grateful of the hot drink warming my hands as we conversed. If we were sitting at a table by the window, we’d probably be looking outside at the grey skies, debating whether the sun is really a mythical object. I always thought it was while I lived there, having gone days {weeks!} at a time without seeing a sign of it.

Once we settled into our conversation, I would ask you how often you go for walks with your family in the woods and tell you that I bet it’s peaceful. I would tell you that it’s unbearable to be outside where I live during the summer months; the temperatures tend to be in the 90’s {30’s Celsius} with unbelievable humidity {which my hair HATES!}. I would tell you that I miss the milder temperatures over there.

After we looked through your lovely photos of mushrooms, I would tell you that I often wish I had a “photography mindset” that was as strong as my “writing mindset”, explaining that it rarely occurs to me to photograph anything while I’m out and about. Writing seems a lot easier for me because I’m always thinking about it, even when I’m not doing it. I would then tell you that I’m looking forward to seeing the knitting creation inspired by the mushrooms you saw on your walk.

My Grandma's Potholder image
   A selection of my Grandma’s Potholders

I would tell you about the many afghan and potholders that my grandma crocheted throughout her life before she developed Alzheimer’s and passed away {in 2002, at age 100}. I would add that I could probably still crochet, based on what she taught me {afghans, not potholders} and that I have a whole box full of potholders like the ones pictured. I would add that my grandma hated using dark colors, even when we requested afghans. She liked light, cheery colors.

I would thank you for asking about my weekend and tell you that it was pretty quiet {as far as I can remember}. I would tell you that I was looking forward to the coming weekend because it’s the monthly coffee meet up with my friends from school. I’ve known these ladies for 30 – 40 years now and love that we’re still in touch and regularly chat over coffee.

I would add that it was difficult to be away from my family and friends when I lived in Leeds and that I was homesick a lot of the time. I made some really great friends in the U.K., too, though and we still keep in touch. My time in Leeds was a mix of ups and downs. Being an Anglophile growing up, I dreamed of living in England for a long time, so I’m glad of the opportunity to have done so. My children still have their accents and I had a slight one after a while. The Brits weren’t fooled, but people I spoke to back in the U.S. could hear it. I would tell you that I had trouble understanding a broad Yorkshire accent and that I was surprised by the regional accents once I realized that not everyone spoke like the Queen. I would tell you about the post I did, listing things I miss about life in the U.K. and I’d tell you about the places I visited while I was over there including standing in front of Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon; visiting Ayr in Scotland; drives to Ilkley {the setting of Wuthering Heights}; visiting Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds; taking my kids to Bridlington and other coastal towns {Scarborough, Whitby, Blackpool} and playing in the arcades/walking on the piers, going to Haworth {and seeing the home of the Brontë sisters}, going to Liverpool, York and Manchester; visiting the Cadbury factory near Birmingham.

I would tell you that I’m enjoying being back in America and hope to travel more when my daughter graduates from high school in less than 2 years. The best thing about being home is that I’m closer to my friends and I like being able to drive again {I relied on buses and trains in the UK}, but still miss some aspects of public transport. Two of my questions for you would be: Have you ever traveled to America? Do you ever plan to and, if so, where? {Okay, that’s 3…}

I would feel pleasantly surprised by your revelation that you are from Orleans and make sure you knew I know it’s pronounced differently than how we pronounce New Orleans. I would tell you that I get annoyed when people pronounce my city as “New Or-leens” and not “New Or-luns” or “New Or-lee-uns”. And I would still be thrilled {after the pronunciation discussion} that we have “Orleans” in common.

I would ask you if you miss living in France and what you miss about it. I’d ask if there are any similarities at all between where you live now and where you’re from. I’d ask you more about your family and pets.

Family Picture
Me, with my Kiddos

I would tell you that I have 2 kiddos, a son who’s 22 and a daughter who’s 16 and  2 terrors calico cats ~ Cali and Minoux ~ and show you pictures.

And then I would briefly tell you that I’m the youngest of 3 kids; one of 19 grandkids on my mom’s side and one of 31 grandkids on my father’s side. I would finish by saying that I’m half Chinese {mom’s side} and French, German, Italian, Irish, and Danish {father’s side}.

Finally{!}, I would tell you how excited I am to be doing Life Coaching for those who are starting over after various situations that I’ve been through myself. It’s immensely rewarding to turn my negatives into positives, even if it means baring my soul to do so. I have a genuine desire to help my clients find, design, and live their best lives. We only get one chance, right?

I would ask you about your Yoga sessions and tell you that I would really love to do that because, since I’ve turned 50{!}, I’ve noticed a distinct rebellion going on inside my body. My brain says “Move!” and the rest of my body says, “NO!” Oh to be flexible and not have the inner power struggles… {grin}

We’d look at our watches and register shock over how many hours have passed since we first sat down. I would tell you how awesome it is that we were able to have such a great chat and that I look forward to our next one. After a hug, I would smile, bid you farewell, and pull my coat tight around me to brace myself for the chill upon opening the door.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and look forward to your next post!

10 thoughts on “Collaboration: Coffee With Noémie

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m hoping it’s not too long-winded, though. What I liked about this post has a more personal feel because I’m addressing points in Noéme’s post and not doing the random stuff as in the “Virtually Caffeinated Chat” posts. Thanks for reading and offering your kind words! 🙂

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  1. Lovely chat post. I am of a different ethnicity in another part of the world but I hope to travel round the world someday and better understand the experiences you so speak of. Plus I forget to remember that a lot of very good writers aren’t as young as I am. I get carried away with interesting writing such that I get a momentary shock when I realise that the writer is above, say 30. Niceee.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by and for your kind comment.

      I do hope you get a chance to travel because doing so teaches one things not learned in school.

      I understand what you mean about age. I’ve been writing since I was 12 and feel like I have a lot more to say now than ever before. Life experience has changed my view of writing. I’m here to help people and believe this is what I was meant to do.

      Please keep visiting. {hugs}

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