Yesterday, Twitter prompted us tweeters to share our reasons for writing in honor of “National Day on Writing”. In response, I tweeted the following:

My tweet included a “screenshotted” excerpt from a very moving post comment and I wanted to expand on that tweet because every day, my purpose is reaffirmed by comments, posts by fellow bloggers, interactions on Facebook, and the messages I’ve received about my work.

I know I say this in response to the comments that readers post on my blogs, but I really do appreciate that people read my posts and take the time to comment. So many of the comments I’ve received have stuck with me {including the one I included in my tweet}. Part of the blogging experience is hearing other perspectives and I especially love hearing that my posts are relatable or spark good memories.

In recent weeks, my posts have inspired two of my fellow blogger friends to write their versions of my posts and I cannot express just how much of an honor that is.

The first was written on my fellow blogger/friend’s blog, aptly titled Maria Holm. I wrote A Series of Vignettes: Being 15 for a Writing 101 assignment; I really enjoyed that assignment because it illustrated the stark comparisons of being 15 through the ages and how society has evolved within a 60+ year period. When Maria did her version ~ A Series of Vignetts: Being 15 ~ there were a few similarities; she added some pictures, which made her post even more awesome.

The second was written on another fellow blogger/friend’s blog, ExPat in Bacolod. I wrote a combination post based on the results of a poll I posted and a daily writing prompt. My dear readers voted for me to write about the things I miss most about the U.K. and the prompt was about the things that I would clone from a city I visited {or, in my case, a country I lived in} and bring back home with me. There are many things I miss about the U.K. but I shortlisted my favorites and invited  to weigh in. He certainly did! He added a few things he misses about the U.K. in his comments and went on to write an awesome post about missing The Sunday Roast, which reminds me of how much I miss Yorkshire pudding! Additionally, another friend of mine {another Stephen!} who’s a British Ex-pat, living on the Gulf coast, added his list in the comments.

I once dreamed of being a bestselling novelist, going to book signings, etc. My “teenaged self” associated writing with “fame” and cranking out novel after novel. I now know that writing is so much more than that. We each have a purpose ~ to use the skills and gifts we have in the best way possible. I write what I know; I write from the heart. That I receive such wonderful comments and compliments about my writing makes me feel like I’m in the right place, doing exactly what I was meant to do.

For that, my dear readers, I thank you. ❤


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