Retro Sunday: Gallery of Memories {4}

Jukebox image
         Jukebox Hero

Raise your hand if you used to flip through the “pages” of songs on these tabletop jukeboxes in drugstore cafés and beg your parents for money to play the music. We had them at our local favorite drugstore, K&B. If you’re from New Orleans, you’ll know what I’m talking about and automatically think “K&B purple”! These things always had the best songs, too. The only problem was, we couldn’t play them all so we had to choose one or two. What a way to enjoy a burger and a hot fudge sundae for afters. ❤

Old Telephone image
                  Old-Fangled Dialling

Remember the days when dialing a number took forever? Or so it seemed. Socializing by phone was so different back then. Privacy? What was that? Everyone heard each other’s conversations and heaven forbid a boy call while siblings were around. No answering machines, either. Missed calls were missed calls. Seems unreal that we waited for our phones to ring back then. Now, it seems texting is the preferred method of contact.

Skates image
                             The Joy of Skating

Fun times at the skating rinks! I loved skating so much that I had a few birthday parties at the rink across the street from my house. Could I skate today? Maybe. I’d probably try if I had the chance. Goodness knows what 35 years has done to my “skills”.  {grin}

carousel image
                           Flying Horses

I’m well aware that to the rest of the world, this is a picture of a carousel, but in New Orleans, we went to City Park to ride on the Flying Horses. I’ve ridden on many carousels since my childhood and when I tell people what we call them, they’re amused. Will I still call them Flying Horses? Yep. It sounds more magical that way. 🙂

{Memories ~ No Pictures Needed}

  • I remember being in 3rd grade {1972-73} and sitting with a group of my friends at recess sharing our bags of potato chips, with a bit of a twist. We would first crush them in the bags and divide them that way using our skirts to hold them. Everyone brought something different so we had a variety. I’m not sure if it was just something we did as a group or if it was a widespread practice, but it was fun.
  • I remember going to certain places at midnight in our pajamas. In New Orleans, Café DuMonde was open 24/7 and, if relatives came from out-of-town, they packed us all into the car and drove to the Quarter for a boat-load of beignets. If my uncle from NJ was with us, he’d load up on hot tamales sold somewhere in the French Market. To us kids, getting to stay up past our bedtime {so our parents could take us out for treats} was just the greatest thing ever!

Did anything strike a chord with you? Did you remember other things from reading my post? I would love to hear anything you have to share.

Here’s hoping your weekend was blessed and relaxing! ❤


4 thoughts on “Retro Sunday: Gallery of Memories {4}

  1. I remember having the jukeboxes at the tables as well. Like you, my brother and I were limited to just a song or two while we were waiting for our food to arrive. As for those old rotary phones, we had to hide in the closet or pantry to get any privacy. Heaven forbid if we were with our cousins. Teasing galore for sure if any of us had a boy or girl calling us.

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    1. It’s nice to hear from great people who remember the same things. I’m so glad you dropped by and hope you’ll continue to do so. I’ve just followed you and look forward to reading more of you and getting to know you better. {Hugs}


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