The Visits

Given that Halloween is in a couple of weeks, I thought this was a good time to share this post and invite you to share yours. If you do, tag your post with wmghosttales

My mom’s floor lamp sits in the corner of my living room. The lamp that gave her light when she did her word puzzles by her desk now lights up our home. We inherited it shortly after her passing.

Fast forward, a year and a half-ish…

A few weeks ago, it started to flicker. I tightened the bulb, checked the socket, which seemed to work. Over the past weekend, the flickering returned and the light went completely out. When the light came back on, following my usual check, it flickered a couple more times. I pointedly looked at the lamp and said, “Now mom…come on…” And then, the flickering stopped. Instantly. And it hasn’t flickered since. O_o

It’s not the first time I’ve sensed her presence. Shortly before the 1-year anniversary of her passing, I experienced seeing movement out of the corner of my eye while working at my desk. It happened several times and the movement was significant enough for me to turn my head to see if my son was walking around {he wasn’t} or if my daughter was in the room {she wasn’t}. My sister reported the feeling of a hand on the small of her back while she was sweeping her garage and very nearly tripped on a pair of shoes behind her. When she looked back, she saw nobody and looked down to realize how close she’d come to falling back. We both agreed that we didn’t feel scared by these experiences because our mother was a kind soul and we know she’s still looking out for us.

Have you had such {an} experience{s}? Do you feel comforted by them? Do tell and remember to tag them ~ wmghosttales so they’re easy to find in the Reader.


2 thoughts on “The Visits

  1. This the only visit from a person or animal that has passed away? My grandfather, a former coworker. my first dog, and my best friend a cat, visit me on a fairly regular basis. Even though we have moved many times to completely new locations! Be happy she is still keeping an eye on you!

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    1. I have had visits and experiences in the past.

      A lot of times, I smell cigarette smoke when nobody is smoking nearby. My grandmother and father both smoked when they were alive, so I naturally assume it’s their presence.

      When my son was 3, he pointed toward a huge bedroom window and asked who the little boy was. No idea who that could have been.

      Finally, once I was in my kitchen in our house in the UK, fixing my kids some toast. We had a toaster that burned things if we didn’t watch closely {setting was broken, I guess}. On that day, I got preoccupied and burned 2 slices. I put the burned slices directly on the counter {waiting for them to cool off so I could throw them away} and turned around to put 2 new slices in the toaster. When I turned back around, the burnt slices were ON THE PLATE. There was nobody else in the kitchen with me and there’s no way I put the burnt toast on the plates I’d taken out for my kids. That was pretty spooky.


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