Recommended Reading

For the Writing 101 Day 19 assignment, I didn’t reach out to a buddy to trade guest posts {I’m such a rebel. *gasp*}, so {as the suggested alternative}, I thought I would share some of the great articles I read while I was nominating fellow bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award.

  1. From Chorizo & Thyme, I bring you a recipe for Penne with Pancetta, Mushrooms, and Bechamel. Okay, so it’s not an article, but it’ll certainly give you a delicious option for dinner one evening! Thanks to @Roberta Briffa for sharing! 🙂
  2. Maria Holm shared pictures of the wreaths she made from flowers and leaves from her garden for Autumn Decorations. I think they came out really beautiful. Thank you, @mariaholm for sharing your talent with us.
  3. Okay, so when I saw the article by Pris Blossom about the 5 things she misses about New Orleans, how could I not read? Anytime someone writes about my city ~ especially if it’s a positive article! ~ it makes me smile. I miss the way it used to be, but if someone can visit and appreciate the unique qualities of the city, that just fills my heart with warm fuzziness. Thank you, @ for giving Nawlins a positive write up!
  4. When we think of the ideal fitness trainer, we want someone who’s supportive and understands the occasional “slip-up” {missing a workout or caving into our cravings} enough to say, ‘Hey, it’s okay! Let’s carry on as planned.’ We want someone who appreciates the value of the process and how to help stay motivated. Fitness trainer @ wrote a very good post about overcoming failure mentality when we make mistakes. He makes it very clear that he helps to keep the focus on client goals instead of his own. If you’re interested in fitness and want valuable information about a healthy lifestyle, subscribe to his blog.
  5. Last, but certainly not least, I found a blog post, It’s Starting to Feel Like Fall, written by a beautiful blogger named @Maribel in which she posted pictures of herself and lovely family. She also shared a bit of her inspirational story, dealing with health issues. What struck me is that she’s smiling in the pictures and, as someone who has been through some rough times, I appreciate those who can smile in the face of adversity. My positive vibes are with you, Maribel! I’m going to visit you often so I can keep updated on how you’re doing.

I hope you, my dear readers enjoy reading their posts as much as I did!

Happy Weekend!


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