Blogger Recognition Award

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 What An Honor!

It’s a wonderful honor to receive recognition from one’s peers and I’m extremely pleased to announce that my fellow blogger, @samanthaw34 has considers Writeful Mind worthy of a nomination for  Blogger Recognition Award. I invite you, my dear readers to visit Samantha’s awesome blog, My Blogging U so that you can read the great posts she wrote for her Writing 101 course.

The rules for accepting this award: 1. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you. 2. Tell how your blog got started. 3. Give advice to new bloggers. 4. Nominate 15 bloggers and their blogs for the award.

So, I might have mentioned how this blog was originally meant as a “test” site where I could do my blogging assignments and learn a bit more about WordPress. Since I’d never taken a WordPress course before, I had no idea what to expect and, therefore, thought it would be getting assignments, doing them, thinking, “Ohhhh…so that’s how that works!” and finishing the course feeling more enlightened than when I started it. What I experienced was a million times better. The assignments became meaningful posts. Fellow classmates became my blog followers and ~ even better! ~ friends. I received helpful, constructive feedback on my posts, theme, etc. I found so many awesome writers. Writeful Mind has, within a matter of months, become an award-winning blog that I’m very proud of. How cool is that?

Advice: I’m afraid I’m going to have to steal my advice from the award acceptance post I wrote on Designing Life, which also received the Blogger Recognition Award because my advice to new bloggers hasn’t changed.

  1. Stick to writing what you know and what you’re passionate about. I’m a firm believer in doing what one loves because the passion shines through naturally and it will never seem like work or a chore to do. Additionally, do whatever possible to improve upon your existing skills. I have blogged on WordPress for many years; I’ve written since age 12, but I still jumped at the opportunity to take the Blogging  101 and 201 and Writing 101 courses offered by WordPress. I learned new things in each course and if WordPress gives more blogging and/or writing courses in the future, you can best believe I’ll be taking those, too.
  2. Learn your blogging site’s features inside and out. Whether you use WordPress, Blogger, or something else, try to learn about every feature at your disposal because you might be missing out on a vital element that makes the difference between a good blog and a great blog. Enroll in WordPress courses or just spend some time looking through all the features and trying out every theme, etc.
  3. Make sure your blog is easy to read. Stick with colors that reflect the tone of your blog, but keep in mind that bright colors that clash may affect your readership. Don’t have too many distractions, like GIFs or blinking graphics. Make sure the font isn’t too small. Break up your paragraphs to give pause for thought. Music should be limited to a widget in your sidebar ~ “If you would like to hear songs from our CD/live performance/my favorite playlist, please click the “play” button here.”
  4. Finally…please, please, please proofread to make sure there are no misspellings or grammatical errors. WordPress has a built-in spelling/grammar check and Grammarly is free to use.

Finally, here are my nominees in no particular order:

  1. Expat in Bacolod ~ Author: @SteveB
  2. Susan Rushton ~ Author: @susurrus
  3. Chorizo & Thyme ~ Author: @Roberta Briffa
  4. Colette B ~ Author: @Colette B
  5. Love. Laugh. Sparkle. ~ Author: @roxysmama
  6. Maria Holm ~ Author: @mariaholm
  7. Pris Blossom ~ Author: @prisblossom
  8. Glasgow Mango ~ Author: @glasgowmango
  9. Maribel’s Kidney Story ~ Author: @Maribel
  10. GinaBlueBlog ~ Author: @Gina Blue
  11. Pickle Pie ~ Author: @PicklePie Mama
  12. Atypical 60 ~ Author: @Catherine
  13. Nash Training Systems ~ Author: @DAVID NASH
  14. Ramblings ~ Author: @OFFICEZOMBIE1
  15. ReDiscover At 40  ~ Author: @ReDiscover at 40

I invite you to go have a read through all of those awesome blogs and hope you will continue to come visit me. I appreciate your follows, comments, feedback and YOU. ❤


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