Virtually Caffeinated Chat ~ Take II

For our Writing 101 Day 16 assignment, we had to search our stats for a post idea. Looking through my stats, I found that one of my most recent posts ~ Virtually Caffeinated Chat  ~ received a lot of positive comments. So, I thought I would do another one. What I found most touching was when people commented that they would really like to have coffee with me based on that post. I can’t express just how much I appreciate such kindness and I feel blessed for having met so many wonderful people throughout these courses. I hope for the chance to chat over coffee for real one day. Until then, grab your cups and let’s have a virtual chat. ❤

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you about how much I enjoyed doing the radio interview on Incito. I would tell you that the host was very adept at making me feel at ease and that it felt like I was talking with a friend. I’d tell you that I’m really happy with the outcome of the interview and that it’s now available as a podcast on IHeartRadio. I would also talk about how I have overcome my shyness a bit more, making me feel like I could do another radio show. I would finally tell you that, although I haven’t listened to the whole show, the part I did listen to actually didn’t make me cringe. {grin}

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you about how I’m currently designing some Writeful Mind merchandise, initially just a T-shirt, coffee mug, and journal. I would explain how I’m going for a unique, minimalist design that fits in with the theme of the website and appeals to fellow writers, too.

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you that it’s Domestic Abuse Awareness month and tell you a bit about the work I do with abuse victims. I would point you to our website, Café Sanctuary, tell you about the book we’re working on that’s nearly ready for publication, and about our site being featured on DIY Adulation in the next couple of days. I would tell you how honored I am to be featured on another website and suggest that you go and visit Sheila so you can see just how awesome her site is, too.  I would ask that you please share our Café Sanctuary website link as much as possible because we want to be able to reach more people. And then I would thank you for doing that and give you a big hug.

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you more about the changes over at my other blog, Designing Life, which is now my business site, supporting my Life Coaching business. I would tell you how I think I chose the site title “Designing Life” for a reason unknown to me when I created the blog and how well I think it fits in with the business I have in mind. I would explain how I help people starting over or changing direction in their lives by offering support, helping brainstorm ideas, sharing my experiences and being the bridge they need to get from where they are to where they want to be.

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you how much I want to go away for the holidays this year because I need a change in scenery. Although I still love the festive month of December and am looking forward to my birthday during that month, I feel burnt out by the fact that Christmas is “in our faces” starting in September. I want to celebrate the real reason for the season and wish we could get away from the materialism that has ruined the true spirit of Christmas. I would also mention that my mother’s birthday is also in December and I find it difficult to get through that day. I would ask you if you had any suggestions about where I could go and mention that I would prefer a beautiful house near a beach.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d ask you if you were dressing up for Halloween and offer you suggestions if you weren’t sure about your costume. We’d talk about our favorite candy and share memories of what it was like to “trick or treat” as a child. I’d probably tell you that the most outrageous costume in my memory was when I dressed up as a witch and my sister teased my hair so severely that it took me a long time to get the knots out. I’d also tell you about the party I went to when I was 17 and how my friend’s sister’s then-boyfriend got us all drunk by reversing the alcohol to soft drink ratio. I would also tell you that it was one of only 2 times in my life that I got drunk and I didn’t enjoy the resulting hangover.

If we were having coffee right now…I’d buy us the most sinful pastry available in the café and split it with you because I wouldn’t want a whole one; splitting one allows us to have a little more than a taste without the guilt.

If we were having coffee right now…I would tell you how much I miss watching “Switched At Birth”…so much so that I’m willing to watch it from the beginning with my daughter and/or son. If you weren’t familiar with the show, I would tell you a bit about it in the hopes that you would be interested in watching. If you watched it, too, we would talk about our favorite characters, episodes, and storylines…but I would ask you to not tell me any spoilers because I’m still waiting for Netflix to start showing Season 5. {Hurry up, Netflix!}

If we were having coffee right now…I would ask you if you’re a Dr. Who fan and, if so, I would tell you that my favorite Doctor is the 10th one. I would tell you how creepy I find the weeping angels and how I cry like a baby when I watch the “Doomsday” episode and how frustrating it is that The Doctor didn’t even get those words out.

If we were having coffee right now…I would ask you how you’re doing, listen to all your news, continue talking to you about everything and nothing and tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity to share a chat over coffee. ❤


10 thoughts on “Virtually Caffeinated Chat ~ Take II

  1. Resonates with me – the bit about people commenting they’d love to have coffee with you. It resonates because when I first started blogging I would get a few comments like “your’e the sort of bloke I’d like to chat to down the pub.” That is the Brit blokeish way of saying the same thing!

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    1. We had a couple of nice pubs near where we were ~ The Chained Bull {torn down} and The Dexter. As they say in Yorkshire: “Ah wish we’d ‘ed t’ chance ta cha’ daahn a’ t’ pub.” Eeyy by gum. lol

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    1. My merchandise is ready to order. It’s a print-on-demand site, so I only had to upload my designs there. The URL to my store is:*

      Zazzle currently has a sale going on for Columbus day ~ if you use the code: ZAZZSALEAWAY they’ll take 14.92% off all orders. 🙂 There’s always a sale on that site. I hope that helps a little. 🙂

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      1. Thanks Carol. Right now I am not buying anything off the internet. Once I start spending money there it will be hard not to. And we just don’t have it to spend.
        I will check out the store though. Looking forward to it. Headed there now.

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  2. Not a coffee drinker, myself. Get my daily caffeine from a single can of Mountain Lightnng (Wal-mart’s take of Mountain Dew. Actually much stronger and better tasting!). Can’t survive with out it.

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