Map of My Childhood

Childhood Map Image
                                               Map of My Childhood

Gentilly, New Orleans, LA. – If you ask others who grew up in Gentilly, they’ll tell you that it was a truly great place and how blessed we all were to grow up there. Truth. It was a beautiful area, with so many places to go. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nowhere in the world like it. No matter where in the world two Gentillians meet up, even if they didn’t know each other growing up, it’s guaranteed they’ll have dozens of mutual friends and hung out in all the same places.

Many of us are still in touch, thanks to the Facebook group a good friend of mine created a little over 4 years ago. Although many of us are scattered, we’re still the close-knit sense of community still exists, even if only in cyberspace. I’ve found old neighbors, former classmates/ students/teachers from the schools I attended, plus many others who grew up close to where I did and knew all the same people.

What was it like where you grew up? What was the best thing about the community? Are you in contact with anyone from your old community? Do you have reunions? Would love to hear more about your experiences!


6 thoughts on “Map of My Childhood

  1. How awesome! Just recently I phoned up a former classmate and told her (after all these 50+ years!) how I REALLY felt when Rainbow Girls black-balled her application to join. There were two reasons I quit the organization and elitism was one. It felt good to say now what I wasn’t able to say at 17. Altho she mumbled something about “that was a long time ago” I like to think our conversation warmed her heart as it did mine. Thanks for sharing!


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