Retro Sunday: Gallery of Memories


Jewelry box image
Twirly Ballerina

I’d forgotten all about this until I saw it on Pinterest. I think the one I had was pink, too. I can just see it sitting on my dresser in front of the mirror. I never had very much jewelry to keep there, but back when Mardi Gras krewes on the floats threw glass beads that were actually pretty and worth saving, those were what took up space in my cute lil’ jewelry box with the twirly girl.

Tupperware S&P image
Oh, the Tupperware parties…

These were on our dining table for years, until the “S” and “P” faded. These remind me of all the Tupperware my mom had when I was younger. I remember the cake holder with the handles, a few cereal containers, the wet/dry measuring cup, salad crisper, the jello mold with the various shape lids, the cereal bowls, and a gazillion containers in every shape and size imaginable.

Polaroid Camera Image
Instant Pictures!

We loved our OneStep camera! No having to wait for days to get our film developed, right? Have y’all seen the one that looks like the Instagram icon? Google it. And buy it for me for my birthday in a few months. Just kidding. Maybe. 😉

Atari 2600 image
  My first console ever!

Getting this would be the beginning of a wonderful long-term relationship between myself and video / computer games. The cool thing was, my mom was right next to me playing, too, and we had the best time ever. I spent hours playing Space Invaders, Asteroids, Missile Command and Pitfall. What console did you choose? The 2600 or the Intellivision?

Fortune Teller image
    Pick a color / number!

These are timeless, and yet, every generation believes they’re the ones who invented them. When my daughter proudly showed me the “cootie catcher” she brought home from school, I’d forgotten all about them. We were in the U.K. then, too. Funny how some things are global without us even realizing it. Know what else? We never forget how to make them.

Pencil Sharpener image
                 Old-Fashioned Sharp

These were always mounted on the wall or a shelf in the back of the classroom and before a test, a line formed to make sure our pencils were sharpened. I have a pink one with a suction cup on my desk because I prefer old-fashioned stuff.

Plastic Barrettes Image
                 Prettifying Our Hair

They sold these same shapes for years, even if the colors varied. I don’t think I ever wore the plain ones. I liked the bows and the flowers the best. Which ones were your favorite{s}? Do they still even sell them?

Schoolhouse Rock image
                    Learning Made Fun

Schoolhouse Rock was one of my favorite things about watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. To me, learning isn’t about sitting through lectures, cramming and taking tests. That only proves you know the material until the test is over. Ask me what I learned in my classes, I could give a vague answer; Schoolhouse Rock songs are unforgettable.

School Box image
                         School Supply Box

I’d forgotten about these until I saw this one on Pinterest. Cigar boxes were good for holding supplies, too. I don’t remember if we got a new one every year or if we had to make them last. Eventually, I think they stopped giving them out. By high school, we had our own lockers anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this “Retro Sunday” post. Feel free to share your favorite memories and items from your past. I would love to see who remembers what I’ve posted! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Retro Sunday: Gallery of Memories

    1. You’re very welcome! I’m so glad I was able to make you smile because I always say that if I can make at least one person smile or laugh every day, I’m happy. 🙂


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  1. And I still remember how much fun we had with the pick a color or number. And you’re right, years ago they were all the rage again at my daughters school. Some trends seem to keep re-surfacing!

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