Retro Sunday: Gallery of Memories

Vintage Tea Cup Image
             Classy Cuppa

What a beautiful way to enjoy a nice cuppa. I love the detail of the designs and vibrancy of the colors. Dainty, classy, elegant and the perfect way to serve High Tea. Pass me a cream scone, please!

Retro High Chair Image
              Ours was red!

When I outgrew my high chair, my parents would pull this chair up to the kitchen table so I could be “tall” like everyone else. Handiest chair ever! My mother was 4’11” so she used it as a stepping stool a lot. I wish I still had ours. Maybe one day I’ll by a “modern” one from Amazon.

Phonograph Image
                      My first turntable.

This is similar to my first record player at a very early age. My love for music began very early ~ probably in utero! ~ thanks to my 15-year-old sister who just happened to love the Beatles when they took America by storm the year I was born. I still have my album collection and one of these days, I want to get a turntable and convert them all to mp3 files. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Cassette Player Image
     Where mixed tapes began

Kids today have no idea what we went through to have access to our favorite music. It was a matter of putting one of these bad boys near the speaker and being close enough to hit “record” when our favorite songs came on {and the DJ stopped talking!}. If we managed to save our allowance money, we could go and buy a few 45’s or {gasp!} a whole album. Remember the many attempts at recording the few songs we actually liked, having to start ever when someone would talk or make noise during taping? Or when the tape recorder would “eat” the tapes? Or when the records would skip or repeat, which meant having to return the record to the store for a new one? Or the static from our records falling down numerous times on the stackable turntables? Those were the days.

Laugh in Graphic
         Sock it to me!

This show was funny, even from a 4-year-old’s perspective. I would love to re-watch it as a fully grown ~ ahem ~ “29” year old. {What? I can be 29, if I want to.} Ruth Buzzi always made me laugh when, as Gladys, she would hit Arte Johnson as the “Dirty Old Man”. If only someone would release these shows as a boxed set, I’d be one happy “Laugh{in}-er”.

Jacks Image
                 I loved this game!

Jacks, jump rope, hopscotch, bike riding, softball, dodgeball, Red Rover, Red Light/Green Light, Mother May I?, Tag, roller skating, Spirograph, Lite Brite, Colorforms, Etch-a-Sketch ~ how we amused ourselves in the 70’s. During the summer, we would venture out all day, without the need to “check in” with our parents or wait for them to call us inside. How’d we know when to go home? When the street lamps came on.

Chiclets graphic.
            My Grandma always had gum.

I’m including this as a tribute to my beloved Grandma who always carried Chiclets in her handbag. She seemed to have everything but the kitchen sink in there, but I can still remember her holding her box of Chiclets to me and saying, “Here, have some gum.” And she always gave me two. ❤

Hair dryer graphic
Hair dryers of “yesteryear”

Who needed the swift convenience of hand-held blow dryers before we knew what we were missing? Actually, I think there’s something to having to sit with this contraption on our head for a while, waiting for our hair to dry. Why? Because it gave us a bit of time to chill and read a magazine. “Sorry, I can’t make it; I have to wash my hair” was a legitimate excuse back in the day. We had to make sure it was fully dry so that we wouldn’t catch “our death of cold” from having wet hair for too long. How amusing!

Charlotte's Web graphic
        Memorable movie!

I include this movie as a tribute to my beloved Mom. When I was younger, my mom wasn’t particularly an avid movie-goer. She and I enjoyed the Pink Panther movies because they were a laugh-a-minute. She found animated films snooze-inducing. Charlotte’s Web was no exception. I don’t know if she ever saw the movie or read the book, but when she took me to see it, she fell asleep, as expected. When she woke up, she found me crying {because, you know…} and thought I was crying because she’d fallen asleep. I had to explain to and reassure her that it was all the movie’s fault. It was something we laughed about through the years and the memory of that still makes me smile. Miss you, Mom. ❤

Crayon Box image
       Getting this was the                    BEST.THING.EVER!

Remember what it felt like when your parents handed you a new box of 64-count crayons, complete with its own sharpener?! Oh. My. God. That was a great day, right? All those colors to fill in the new coloring books. The best thing is, now there are adult coloring books because coloring has become a great way to achieve “Zen calm”. There are so many new variations of Crayola coloring tools nowadays, the mind boggles. Wanna know a secret? If someone gave me a box of 64-count crayons with a built-in sharpener, I’d be just as happy now as when I received them as a kid.

I hope you enjoyed this “Retro Sunday” post. It’s the first of a daily regular series I have planned for Writeful Mind. Feel free to share your favorite memories and items from your past. I would love to see who remembers what I’ve posted! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Retro Sunday: Gallery of Memories

    1. Kids wouldn’t appreciate the static of a scratched LP but I think it’s an important part of the way we listened to music back then. I never minded the crackly part as long as it didn’t interfere with the song too much. Glad you enjoyed the trip…more to come next week! 🙂


  1. That was a nice little stroll down memory lane! I remember the fine china in my Grandmas cabinet, and the chair! OMG, my mom had one for us when we were little, and I use a similar one now as a step stool. And don’t get me started on that hair dryer. My mom would use hers on me when she tortured me with a perm. YES PERM! I was in 3rd grade when she insisted I have one. I love this Retro Sunday post and you should definitely keep it going, as I love jumping back in time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Megan!

      I’m so glad you dropped by and took the time to comment. I hope that my retro posts inspire others to do the same and share them with me because I am really big on nostalgia.

      Thank you so much for following me. I really am glad we connected! {Hugs}


    1. Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment! Every time I see Chiclets anywhere, I think of my Grandma. How cool that your Grandpa did the same. 🙂

      I’ve followed your blog and hope we can keep in touch. 🙂 {Hugs}

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fun blog post! I absolutely love it. I remember recording music with a tape off my TV (Nirvana and Pearl Jam come to mind). And chiclets were totally my favorites. I’ve been wanting to buy my son this toy record player to introduce him to the beauty of records. Maybe for Xmas 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s a cool retro gift for your son and hope that he enjoys listening to music the way we did back then.

      I’m so glad you dropped by. Thanks for your kind comments. I just followed you back and hope that you will continue to visit. {hugs}


  3. Nice weekly feature! I remember the gum, brought back some good memories. And we had a cassette recorder much like that one. I remember listening to the radio and recording the songs, trying to get as little as the DJ’s chatter on them as I could! Great memories!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a fun post to write!

      I eventually got a stereo with a dual cassette player/recorder, which made things a whole lot easier. The DJ’s still talked but at least I was able to record from albums internally and not have to worry about people talking or making noise around the house. lol


      Liked by 1 person

  4. Brought back some good memories! Don’t miss trying to flatten out the tape and wind it back together when the cassette players chewed them up lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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