New Orleans Regional T-shirts

New Orleans T-Shirt
“Born ‘n’ Raised in New Orleans” T-Shirt

A few years ago, I designed a regional t-shirt for a great community of people on FaceBook. These wonderful people grew up in a part of New Orleans we like to call “Chilly Gentilly”. Back then, we didn’t have the benefit of social media, but that’s okay. We were a close-knit community and we loved growing up there. Little did we know that, years later, we would become re-acquainted through FaceBook and have fun reminiscing about the good ol’ days, as well as talking about the places we knew that “ain’t dere no more.” Being in this group, I have found old school friends, neighbors, friends of friends and people I never knew but still know what or who I’m talking about when I mention a name or a place. New Orleans is like no other place on Earth; only there can one strike up a conversation with a total “stranger” in a line somewhere and, within minutes, discover one or more mutual friends. There’s no such thing as “six degrees of separation” in New Orleans.

So when I designed a Gentilly T-shirt, they sold very well. I’d always intended to design shirts for other regional cities and now I have. The designs are all uploaded to my shop on Zazzle and ready for purchase. If you don’t see your town or city, no problem! Send a message and I’ll add accordingly. Know a New Orleans Ex-Pat who might appreciate a little taste of home? Why not include one of these shirts in a care package?

If you’re interested in buying, visit the New Orleans Regional T-Shirt Store.

Thanks, dawlins!

Fleur De Lis

5 thoughts on “New Orleans Regional T-shirts

    1. I hope you get to visit one of these days. It’s a very interesting place to see. You’ll have to let me know if you ever do get here. We could meet for a cuppa and a natter. 🙂

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