Five Heroes

This video was in my Facebook feed today and it’s one of those that should go viral. What these boys have done is an incredible, shining example that everyone can learn from. It’s far cooler to be part of “the anti-bully” movement because it inspires others to join. There’s strength in numbers and more security in being part of a group who has your back than being part of a group in which the “ring leader” would sooner turn on you than be a loyal friend. I know which group I’d belong to.

Considering all the bad news I’ve heard lately, I thought it was worthwhile to share something that gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling for a change. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Five Heroes

  1. How precious is that! If there were more kids like these our future as a human race would be soooo much brighter! There is hope……


    1. They’re very inspiring and I’m hoping that, if this goes viral, it’ll start more of a trend for other kids to do the same thing in their schools. I’m positive that we can turn the issue of bullying around if we start highlighting more of these kinds of stories. 🙂


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