Blogging 101 Problems

Hi there,

I’m writing this because it seems to be the only way I can communicate about the Blogging 101 course at the moment. I cannot access The Commons to talk to anyone and the emails I get from you say to not reply that way. Is anyone else having trouble accessing The Commons?

Please help! Thanks for listening.

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Problems

  1. Hey, I’m not having troubles, but in the second email sent yesterday, it gives you a link to click if you can’t access it.
    Just so we’re on the same page, you click My Sites and then Switch Sites and then the Blogging 101 blog and then View Site.
    Clever of you to try to contact people this way! Hope I helped!


  2. Thanks for your help! I clicked on the link in the email and filled out the form on the link, letting them know I can’t access, but I still can’t get in.

    I also looked through my list of sites and The Commons is not showing up. I guess all I can do is wait to see what happens.

    Thanks again!


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