Today’s post is a list of things (in no particular order!) that I remember using/having when I was a kid/teen. If you’re my age, I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane! 🙂


Image of Lite-Brite

I loved my Lite-Brite!


Spirograph Image

This kept me busy for hours.

 Kissing Potion

Kissing Potion

THE Lipgloss to have in the 80’s!

Mood Rings

Mood Ring!

Mine was always blue/ green, which meant I had warm hands!

Lip Lickers

Lip Lickers Balm Image

Loved this stuff!

 Love’s Baby Soft Perfume

Love's Baby Soft Image

One of my first perfumes.

Tiger Beat Magazine

Tiger Beat Image

One of my favorite magazines, as a teen.

Record Player

Phonograph Image

The Old-Fangled “Playlist”.

Wacky Packages – Gum/Stickers

Wacky Packages Image

Collectable stickers that were all the rage when I was in school.

 Cracker Jack Tattoos

Cracker Jack Tattoos Image

Back when Cracker Jack had really cool toys…

Agree Shampoo

Agree Shampoo Image

Wow…I’d forgotten about this stuff…

Slam Books

Slambook Image

Fancy Slambook, compared to ours using torn out notebook paper stapled together.

Brach’s Candy

Brach's Candy Image

Loved the assortment!

Space Dust

Space Dust Image

Powdery Pop Rocks


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