A-hero-definition-freeIf you could choose anyone in your life to receive a special “Hero” medal, who would it be?

My definition of a true “hero” is someone who would never expect to receive such a medal. Their strength and perseverance come from a genuine intention to be a positive force in the world, without any expectation of a reward or payment.

A Hero possesses a soul which promotes inspiration, elicits emotion and motivates people into action without much of an effort at all.

A Hero can be anyone at all, regardless of age, size, race, religion, gender, profession, sexual orientation. A friend can be your Hero, as can a stranger or “perceived” enemy.

So…who? Think of your family members, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, community leaders, teachers. Who, amongst them, would you consider a hero?

Isn’t it time they knew?

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