Creating a Better World

It used to be that we lived in a world where compassion, generosity, kindness, understanding were the “norm”. Stories of crime, suffering, greed, injustice actually shocked us. It’s not that we’re no longer shocked by all the negativity in the world today; it’s that the shock is now accompanied by an overall feeling of helplessness and cynicism. Everyone wonders when there’s going to be action and not just discussion about what needs to be done. How do we fix a world with so many problems? Where are the morals, the values?

 Maybe the answer is as simple as asking ourselves “Which side are we on ~ the side that creates solutions for the greater good of everyone on the planet OR the side who does its level best to create MORE problems to solve?” Maybe the answer is striving to outnumber those who create the problems. Will what we do or say contribute to a better world or contaminate the world even more? Will we choose to make things easier or more difficult for those around us? We can’t wonder what’s happened to compassion if we are not compassionate. We can’t complain about the lack of helping those in need if we do not help those in need. We must remember that circumstances can change in a second…and often do. One day, we’re in a position to help others and the next, we may be the ones who need help. What if the person we refused to help the day before is the ONLY one who can help us the next day?

What happens today doesn’t just affect tomorrow and the day after. Words and actions have a lasting impact. We have the power to create whatever future we want (or don’t want) for future generations. We only get one short life to help contribute to whatever direction the world takes. We don’t have the luxury of leaving this planet to live elsewhere but how can we co-exist on this one without understanding, acceptance and respect for differing views?

Doesn’t it make more sense for us to work together to make sure our precious Earth remains a habitable place? We may be but a small part of the infinite Universe, insignificant to the other life-forms within it, but that’s where the insignificance ends. Our actions affect our lives on THIS planet and, therefore, of great significance to everyone who lives HERE.

We must focus on the sort of world we want. That means to stop complaining about the things that are wrong and take positive action. Even the smallest positive action is a step in the right direction, especially if it’s accompanied by a real desire to follow through with more positive actions. We must build momentum towards a better direction, armed with a continued determination to improve life for ourselves, our fellow-man, future generations.

I truly believe that this is a message worth repeating many times over until the message spreads because I have children whose lives are just starting. I wish them a world where they can depend on others, without question. I wish them a world that’s rich in the resources necessary to sustain life on this planet. In order to give ALL of our future generations such a world, we must do something now.

While we still can.



What say you?

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