Gross Overuse of “Offended”

It’s happening almost daily now…and for all the wrong reasons.

~ A woman calls the police on a woman who says the f-bomb in a grocery store, because she’s “offended”.

~ Elsewhere, a student is suspended because she says “Bless You” to someone in school.

~ A woman claims she’s offended over the word “bacon” on a sign outside of a restaurant because she happens to be a Muslim, living in America.

~ Wishing people “Merry Christmas” during the month of December has somehow become offensive.

~ We can’t even fly the American flag anymore because some people consider it offensive.

On the flipside of things:

~ Women endure emotional, verbal, psychological abuse every day.

~ Children are committing suicide because they were bullied.

~ People endure verbal cruelty that’s spat at them with such venom.

Oh but there’s a massive difference between the former examples and the latter ones. Flying our flag, saying “Merry Christmas”, “Bless You” or the F-bomb aren’t intended to be offensive. Flying our flag is the patriotic thing to do in our country. Christmas wishes and saying “Bless you” when someone sneezes means we are upholding our Faith and staying true to our upbringing. Saying the F-bomb may not please everyone but the woman in the grocery store didn’t intend to offend anyone when she said it because she didn’t direct it at the lady who called the police on her. There was no threat involved. It was a word, uttered in the middle of the grocery store. Big deal.

How are those who endure intended abuse, bullying and cruelty expected to do so because not enough of us are offended enough to take the action to stop it? People, in certain areas of the World we live in, are dying because they remain loyal to their Faith. Isn’t that more offensive than a Christian wishing a fellow Christian “Merry Christmas”? The problem is that we’re getting offended by the wrong things and we need to stop and realize that if we’re going to get offended about anything at all, it should be about people enduring suffering, oppression, abuse or living with the reality of war. We should be offended by the diseases that take our loved ones away before it’s time. We should be offended by those who commit crimes and allowed to go free so they can commit them again. We should be offended by those destroying our planet, little by little, which will have a detrimental impact on future generations. We should be offended by cruelty in nursing homes and sexual predators robbing the innocent of their innocence. We should be offended by animal cruelty by those unfit to look after pets. There is so much to be offended about that requires action for the greater good of our society.

We shouldn’t get offended by words that aren’t intended to cause any harm to anyone.

Peace, y’all.

And God Bless YOU.

2 thoughts on “Gross Overuse of “Offended”

  1. Sorry, you blessing me did not offend me in any way! God bless America, while we are at it! People who can not accept our customs in this country should go back to where they came from, with our blessings on their safe return trip!

    Am tired of the different types of people getting offended by things that occurred long before we were even a twinkle in our parent’s eyes. We did not discriminate against them while we were still in the womb! Until 9/11/2001 occurred, had friends of all different faiths including a Muslim coworker. Had a great conversation with him and 2 Jewish men and a Buddhist during our lunch break one day on the job site. We compared and contrasted the differences between our beliefs. Turn out, love for our fellow man was a common theme.

    So keep blessing people if they sneeze. You wouldn’t want their soul to get expelled from their body in a natural way!


    1. When I lived in the UK, my neighborhood had people of many religions ~ Jewish, Catholic, Anglican, Hindu, Muslim and it was one of the best neighborhoods I’d ever lived in. We all got along, we all helped each other.

      I agree with you that we should keep being true to ourselves. I never do anything to purposely offend people, but I feel that if people are offended by who I am, it means they’re paying too much attention to the wrong life.


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