Bad Entertainment

I don’t want to be shocked. Or grossed out. I don’t want to see people getting hurt, either by accident or “on purpose”. I don’t want to listen to dialogue that’s peppered with vulgarities or brutal insults. I don’t want to see the stupidity of others put on display for the sake of ridicule. I don’t want to watch shows which feature “stars” who acquired fame, without any talent to speak of. The “manufactured” celebrities do nothing for me.

Back in the day when we had SIX TV channels (and no “24-hour” programming), we could be assured of one thing: quality. It was clean. It was funny. It was memorable. It was timeless. The classic shows were a joy to watch. We were entertained. We laughed. We were moved to tears. We were educated. We were inspired. I didn’t have to avert my eyes in disgust. Or shake my head in disbelief. I don’t need every show to “out-shock” the earlier ones, “for entertainment value”.

So, to Lucy, Carol (ear-tug), Dean (and his fellow celebrity “roastees”), the Laugh-In crowd, Archie and Edith, George and “Weezie”…and everyone else (too many to mention), I thank you for the memorable entertainment you provided throughout my childhood.

Y’all did it with class.


What say you?

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